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Working at Home – What Online Careers are Best for You?

 Guest Blogger #861, Entry #2073, February 5, 2012

Working from home is a great option for moms who want to juggle their careers and family lives without sacrificing either one, and teachers have some particularly promising options for at-home jobs. While you may have become accustomed to the old fashioned classroom setting with desks and chalk boards, a surprisingly large amount of education is moving into the virtual realm today. High speed internet connections and free video chatting programs have made it easier than ever before for teachers to take their work onto the web. If you’re a work at home mom looking for online teaching jobs, consider some of these options.

home office computer area

Will working from home be a good idea?

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Qualified tutors are always in high demand, and online tutoring is becoming an increasingly attractive option for students, parents, and teachers everywhere. Learning styles vary significantly from child to child, and many parents have difficulty finding tutors who work well with their children. Online tutoring breaks down geographical boundaries so that you can work with students from all over the country, or even overseas. Popular companies like Tutor Vista and Growing Stars are always in need of qualified workers, so consider this as an option.

-ESL and Foreign Language Instruction

Whether you specialize in a foreign tongue or have a natural aptitude for teaching English to second language learners, there is a wealth of opportunity in the world of language education for work at home moms like you. Companies like Auralog and GoFluent specialize in helping people from all over the world and you can be a part of this by offering your services as an instructor. Long distance language instruction was often done over the phone in the past, but video chatting is quickly becoming the preferred mode of communication.

-Test Prep

Standardized tests are the most common mode of measuring students’ abilities today. Tests like the SAT and ACT are crucial factors in deciding things like college admissions for students everywhere, and there is a great market for helping students to prepare for these tests. You could work with an established company, doing anything from designing test prep courses and literature, to grading and analyzing practice exams.

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Can you start a career from an at home job online?

Image via: Rick Lew

-Online College Faculty

If the growing popularity of online programs like the MBA track at are any indication, online college education will continue to expand in the next few years. As online schooling becomes increasingly popular, schools need qualified educators to staff their virtual classrooms. Whether you design and run courses for the school’s online platform or work in administrative and advising positions, the world of online college education is always promising. Work at home moms can find great opportunities in this growing field.

Transitioning from a day job in education to an online position may not be easy, but many working moms find it a great solution to the problem of juggling work and home lives. Opportunities for educators on the web are vast and varied. Consider these ideas a springboard for your career as an online educator. Make the most of your career in the exciting world of online education by getting started in these promising industries.

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  1. Pamela Wood

    The healthcare industry is one that is constantly growing and expanding. And now it’s gotten easier with online education gaining popularity fast for anyone looking to work from home. I’m currently looking into a medical transcription school online and I’m very excited!

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