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5 Creative Ways to Use Tile In Your Home

Entry #2132, March 22, 2013

Around this time of year most of us are getting ready to clean house, get ready for the family visits and all sorts of festivities. Such as the graduations, bridal showers, spring break vacation, summer vacation, Fourth of July and more.  Everyone is coming over to eat, laugh and be merry.  There is one item in particular that can help your home to obtain that festive and lively feel for you and your visitors to enjoy.  Tile!

tile flooring kitchen

How can you use tile in your home?

Image via: Sroka Design, Inc.


5 Ways to Use Tile In Your Home

Tiled Walls

Image via: Caayu

Tile is a true decorative piece that will add culture and difference to any place it is used. Tiled walls are a great way to add texture, color, and variety to any room it is being displayed in.  The tile has a very warm and inviting feel that it brings to the atmosphere which is what guests hope to feel in your home.


tile floors looks like wood

Tile floors can look like wood

Image via: SubZero Wolf

Look at the tiled flooring within this room.  It has a lot of pattern, a very bold color and can act as the accent within the room.  Notice that with the floor having the rhythm and pattern, the rest of the room has a more simplistic vibe. That is another plus with using tile, it can be used as the art pieces within the space.


tile stairs idea

Tiled stair can transform your interiors

Image via: Mexican Tiles

Tile the bottom half of your steps.  I know sometimes the stairs can disappear because we never really pay that much attention to them unless we are using them to get somewhere even then they are not so eye catching.  Well turn those steps into the focal point that revitalizes the room that it is occupying.  Have the stairs carry their own flare with each step make them noticeable again especially if the patterns are this amazing.


5 Ways to Use Tile In Your Home

Tiled Table

Image via: Chateau and Bungalow

Maybe you just want a little color with texture on top then having a tiled table or counter top will be perfect in this case.  If you prefer not having the tile so permanent and all over then setting it in one place that is movable and yet still carries the designs and colors you would like then the tiled table is what you need.  However,  if you would like just a splash of tile that is set within the home but not everywhere then the tiled counter top might be a better choice.  It would have  a similar appeal like with the table yet it would be a permanent fix within your home.

Counter Tops

5 Ways to Use Tile In Your Home 3.5

Tiled Counter Top

Image via: Houzz

Now that you have seen some ideas about what tile can offer and bring to your humble abode, try it out see what will work in your home!

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