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Decorating Ideas for DIY Recycled Planters

Entry #2085, March 8, 2013


You don’t have to settle for just any ordinary planters, why not try a DIY project? There are so many ways to creatively have your own planters at home. With personalized planters, you will certainly have planters that will match your desired style and looks. These planters will somehow become a display of your resourcefulness.

Recycled planters are a great addition to homes and the environment. These decorative items lessen the amount of trash being processed everyday. Instead, recycling the materials and using them to create a beautiful decorative item.

diy wall planter idea

Creative DIY wall planter idea

Image via: Design Milk

Here are some awesome decorating ideas for recycled planters:

Mason jar wall decor

This decorative piece will definitely change the way you look at mason jars. The mason jar wall décor is a great project that will enhance the looks of your wall. You just need to have a couple of wood, mason jars, foliage, nails, hooks and hose clamps. It’s so easy and quick to assemble.

Book planter

To begin with, do not use books that are still useful. The book should be damaged, obsolete information and of no use at all. The book will serve as a unique and beautiful vase for your planters. This is a gorgeous table centerpiece for both indoor and outdoor purposes. You just have to make a hole at the center of the pages. Fill-in your soil and the plant. Also, make sure to have tiny holes at the bottom so water can drip off.

mason jars diy planters

Mason jars make great planters!

Image via: Bright Nest

Chair planter

A chair planter is an excellent recycled project. It is giving a new purpose to your hopeless chair. The concept is to decorate your chair with real plants to make it look attractive and pleasing. You may have it repainted or have it as it is. The base of the chair will serve as the pot. Make sure you choose climbing plants like bougainvillea, lygodium, morning glory and among others.

You can do some modifications like adding miscellaneous items that will enhance the looks of the recycled planters. For instance, you can add ribbons, foils and other items to complement your theme.

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