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DIY Sat. #139 – Choosing the Perfect Shower Head (Video)

 Entry #2154, March 2, 2013

Happy DIY Saturday! If you are in the process of renovating your bathroom or you want a new showering experience – look to your shower head as an affordable way to transform you bathroom. Today see a video on choose and eco-friendly – low-flow shower head and how to tell which kind are right for your showering lifestyle.

rain shower head combined

Which type of shower head is right for your bathroom?

Then learn the best ways to choose the perfect shower head for your bathroom. From ceiling and wall mounted fixtures to hand held and rain head shower varieties. These tips can help you transform your bathroom and your next shower!

You Tube Video – How to Choose a Low Flow Shower head

Link to Video –> How to choose a low flow shower head

Choosing the Perfect Shower Head for your Bathroom

Updating your bathroom can be overwhelming when you have to sort out so many plumbing fixtures. One such important fixture is setting up the perfect shower head. The choice, in almost all cases, depends on personal preferences, bathroom’s architectural shape, budget, lifestyle, and on some other variables. In fact, the shower head selection can reflect the way you interact to your bathroom.

rain shower head idea

A rain shower head is perfect for a soothing soothing shower

Image: Kitchen Details and Design

Depending on your budget, lifestyle, and the types of shower head, you can choose:

Standard or Basic Wall-mounted Shower Head

This type of shower head is a kind of single-function unit and is the most affordable option. This traditional shower device comes in various sizes. It is a wall-mounting shower head where the flow rate fluctuates depending on the size of the head. It is completely a basic shower device that has no special setting and does the only job of water distribution.

People who have a tight budget or intend to rent their house can go for these affordable units. As these heads need compact plumbing fixtures, they are very suitable for bathrooms with small spaces. You can use them in rental properties or in your children or guest’s bathrooms.

Handheld and Sliding Bar Shower Heads

In comparison to basic or regular shower heads, handheld heads offer a little bit more flexibility. You will have more freedom in use and movement while taking shower because of its fixation to flexible tubing. In order to handle more easily, you can either fix it to the wall with a clip or mount on a sliding bar. In many cases, people do not use it as the primary water source but as an ‘extra’ or additional accessory to other shower heads.

shower head enclosure

Customized showering options

Image: Coll Construction

These shower heads are suitable for bathing your children, your pets, or for washing something that do not require to be immersed completely under water. They are also handy for elderly or physically disabled people who may in need of extra aid.

Sliding bar shower heads are attached to a sliding bar and can be moved up or downward according to your needs. Such a bar can be used for holding handheld shower head when turned off or when a hands-free shower is required. Other shower heads can also be attached to such a bar for adjusting the height you want during the shower.

Such a shower device will be suitable for bathrooms that are not fixed for any specific person. Because of adjustable height, it will be suitable for both adults and children.

Top-mounted Varieties

These are the most common type of shower heads seen in bathrooms. Being fixed to the ceiling, they spray water from over the head. These aren’t movable but are suitable for most kinds of bathrooms. In case of low-ceiling bathrooms, they are installed flush to the ceilings.

Showers come in a variety of styles and the heads can be chosen per your lifestyle. Decide on the heads based on finish, style, features, and price. Shower heads can be found in multitude of finishes like brushed stainless, nickel, chrome, oil rubbed bronze, etc. while endless styles such as traditional, rustic, modern, etc. are also available. Use these helpful tips to create the perfect shower experience in your bathroom to cleanse and relax after a long day!

For more DIY ideas on Stagetecture, & Stagetecture’s YouTube Channel, click here.

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