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Forgotten Lemon & Lime Varieties for your Spring Recipes

Entry #2138, March 25, 2013

A sumptuous meal will always make someone’s day complete. Lemons and limes are one of those forgotten fruits that pair up beautifully in spring recipes. This is why you have to be ready with your menu list so you can pick and cook the best recipe to make your day. Since it’s spring, you might as well look for fitting recipes for this season.

But you don’t have to stick with your notes. You can add flavor enhancers to pump up your appetite. Lemon and limes can definitely live up to your expectations. The juicy and citrus flavor of lemon and limes can bring out the spring tang you wanted for your food.

lemons ideas

Lemons come in a variety of types

Image via: What Katie Ate

Here are some characteristics of lemon and limes that you can add tang to your spring recipes:

  • Cara Cara

This is a sweet navel type orange that you will surely love. The best thing with this juicy fruit is it has little to no seed in its pinkish-red interior.

  • Meyer lemon

If you want to enhance the sweetness of your food with less acidic content than common lemons, this is it. The Meyer lemon also offers appetizing fragrance as you peel.

  • Citron

This unique variety is a superb sweetener. In fact, it is often chopped and candied. The citron is also called as Buddha’s hand because of its form. Or maybe because of its calming effect after you eat.

  • Key lime

Also known as Mexican limes, this is highly acidic citrus fruit. This gives you a superb taste of lime.

key limes

try key limes in your next recipe

Image via: Saveur

  • Kaffir lime

This fruit may only provide you with little drops of juice but its leaves are the most useful. The Kaffir lime leaves are used in Thai dishes.

These are just some of the lemon and limes that are used to add tang to your spring recipes. Don’t throw away the peeled skin of these fruits since you can still use them to provide sweet aroma in your fridge or any small area.

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