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Garden Inspiration: Planting Potted Topiaries this Spring

Entry #2082, March 7, 2013

Having beautiful plants is a wonderful addition for your spring home decorations. You will be amazed on how these plants can turn your interior and exterior into a masterpiece. One of the most popular hobbies today is planting potted topiaries. This will display your creativity and skill in horticulture.

Planting potted topiaries may take a bit of your time and efforts. But after you see the output, you will realize that everything is worthwhile. There are quite a number of ways to plant potted topiaries. Each method has its own distinct looks to enhance your home.

planted topiaries

Plant topiaires this spring!

Image via: The Green Garden Gate

Here are some helpful tips in planting potted topiaries for spring:


Vary topiary sizes

Mix and match the sizes of your topiaries. You will have a great view of every potted plant. This will also create a natural look of your arrangements. Arrange the topiaries in random with their height and width. It will provide a mini garden-like formation. This size variation will make it look nice and beautiful.

Consider using creative vines

Vines have extraordinary beauty. For instance, an angel vine goes along with your wires according to your desired figure. You can shape it up like a bell, birds, basket and other figures you want to create. These potted topiaries can be displayed indoors or outdoors, as desired. Make sure you take good care of vines so you can see the results in no time.

small planted topiaries

Brighten your spring patio with topiaries and small plants

Image via: Garden Design

Cut your topiaries into shape

Consider the shape variations of plants like the spiral, columns and lollipop shapes. It will definitely bring out the best of your topiaries. Take time to decide on what figure or shape you want to create to match your theme. This will certainly capture the attention to your guests.

You don’t need to have a green thumb to do this project. Just do your best and perform the necessary plant care and maintenance, and see how easy creating your own potted topiaries this spring!

For more gardening tips on Stagetecture, click here.

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