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Guest Blogger: Don’t Forget these Healthy Benefits of Natural Spices

Guest Blogger #896, Entry #2103, March 13, 2013

Spicy food devotees and addicts rejoice; not only do spices add life to bland recipe dishes, but they also contain a myriad of different health benefits! The rich mix of different spices that are used in a number of different dishes bring with them a wide range of different health benefits from heart smart health to improved breathing. Furthermore, spice foods can also cause the body to release endorphins which create a sense of enjoyment and mild euphoria within the diner.

spice ideas for recipes

What spices have a health benefit as well?

Image via: Pinterest

Chilli Peppers

A staple of spicy dining; the chilli pepper is added to innumerate dishes to give a kick and leave a stronger impression. This versatile spice comes in varying strength allowing almost anyone access to its benefits regardless of their resistance to hot tastes. The chilli pepper can help pain relief, heart health and ease ulcers. Additionally, the spice can also help in the fight against prostate cancer. Just don’t rub your eye after chopping a chilli pepper.


The health benefits of cinnamon are often compromised by the sugary dishes it is served within. As well as adding a warm and delicious taste to a sweet treat; cinnamon can help maintain artery health, blood sugar levels and contribute towards a lower cholesterol level. Sprinkle fresh cinnamon over your morning coffee for a pick-me-up with extras!


An almost constant fixture in Indian Cuisine; turmeric is related to ginger root. The subtle sweetness of turmeric lends itself perfectly to meat and vegetable rich curries. The spice can be used to help reduce inflammation in arthritis patients. Some tests suggest that turmeric may help dispel the formation of certain cancers as well.


Similar to the chilli pepper; paprika contains capsaicin which can directly produce anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. These effects can help lower the risk of cancer in those enjoying it. Paprika has a smokier taste that most chilli peppers so is responsible for some of the more unusual tastes that you will find in an Indian Restaurant.

spices in recipes

Spices can enhance any meal and can be healthy for you!


Very much the resident super-spice; one teaspoon of oregano has the same anti-oxidant power as three cups of broccoli. Oregano fits perfectly in many, many different dishes so it is simple to get your family to enjoy its benefits. All tomato-based sauces can benefit from the addition of the super spice.


Ginger divides the opinion amongst people. The strong taste of the spice ensures that it endures a love/hate relationship with the public. Good news for those who enjoy ginger; the spice can soothe digestive problems and play a role in pain reduction.

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