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Guest Blogger: Getting your Family to Eat Right & Exercise this Spring

Guest Blogger #881, Entry #2157, March 4, 2013

Staying fit and healthy is one of the best ways to secure a strong family unit. With rising levels of obesity in children and adults, eating right and doing physical exercise is one your best lines of defense. However, doing exercise and making healthy choices is probably the last thing on the list your children want to do as a family activity. The key is to work as a team so that the whole family can work together to enjoy the benefits. For adults and children, getting at least minimal daily exercise and eating right is the best way to stay healthy and fit. Here are 5 ways to get your family to eat right and exercise.

family exercising

Get out there and exercise with your family

Image via: She Knows

Make it a bicycle ride adventure.

The healthy benefits to riding a bicycles are numerous, from fighting obesity to lowering your cholesterol. Riding bicycles is also fun for the whole family. There are also many trails you can find to limit the danger of road traffic. You also want to remember to wear helmets and other protective gear, like kneepads and reflective lighting.

One way to eat right is to make it a family affair.

Look up recipes online or purchase a book to find a healthful meal that the whole family can make together. Sometimes teamwork can get your family to collaborate, make necessary comprises, and work more efficiently together to make more healthy choices.

Make healthy living food choices

Families also might find it helpful to make a ban on food and drinks with too much sugar. Things like soft drinks and breakfast cereals are known to have the highest caloric and sugar levels. There are plenty alternatives to the same name brands that have much lower levels of sugar and higher levels of much needed protein. You can even find candy bars, like chocolite bars, that are great substitutes to the candy your children are used to.

family meal buffet

Get your family to eat right this season

 Image via: Pinterest

Another great way to get your family to eat healthy and exercise is to plan according. Meet with your children weekly to discuss goals. Ask them questions and teach the negative and positive benefits when you make healthy choices and exercise regularly. If worse comes to worse, show them what doctors and scientists say. If they are young children, you can make your own diagrams and simplify things so that they can understand better.

Also, parents must be a role-model for their children. For instance, when you take your children out to eat at a restaurant, keep tabs on how much free bread they put on the table. Make it a point to do some jumping jacks or little exercises around the house. Soon enough, your children will lead by example. Being a role-model also means that you have to make your own healthy choices and limit the unhealthy ones. Shop at healthier markets, buy snacks with lower sugar and caloric levels, promote a certain lifestyle of physical fitness in the home. If you show that you are willing to make the initiative to eat right and exercise, chances are your family will too.

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