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Guest Blogger: Invest in Beauty with Solid Wood Furniture

 Guest Blogger #885, Entry #2080, March 6, 2013

When you’re refurnishing your home there are several options available and many people choose to buy cheap composite furniture from home superstores – mainly because of the attractive price tag. However, buying cheap furniture is a false economy as it simply means you’ll have to replace it much more quickly than solid wood, which could last for generations.

wood furniture ideas kitchen dining room

How can wood furniture enhance your home?

Image via: Jill Greer

Why choose Hardwood Furniture?

In these cash strapped times it is tempting to purchase furniture made from cheap and inferior materials such as veneer, plastic or wood composite. But anyone who has bought cheap flatpack furniture before will know that it simply doesn’t last as well as solid wood furniture or look nearly as attractive. Take a look below to discover more about the benefits of choosing hardwood.

Natural Beauty

Hardwood furniture utilises the strongest, most durable and most attractive woods, such as mahogany, oak and mango. Beautiful woods like these can bring warmth to a home and rather than simply being functional, they can also add character to your space. There are tons of different types of hardwood furniture to choose from so you can pick pieces that will sit perfectly within your interiors and become a feature within themselves.


Wood furniture is more durable than many kinds of furniture

Exceptional Interiors

If you want your home to be full of quality items that give it a unique flavour then solid wood furniture is a great investment. There are all sorts of hardwood items to choose from including coffee tables, dining tables, cabinets and chests of drawers, so whatever type of furniture you need you’ll find plenty of hardwood versions. Stunning hardwood is a great way to make your home stand out from the crowd and give your interiors that all important warm and welcoming feel.


When home superstores first appeared in the UK millions of people bought into the idea of cheap but practical furniture, but today a large proportion of that furniture s sitting in landfill rather than in people’s homes and when you take into account the chemical and industrial processes that engineered wood or composite has to go through, it becomes clear that it’s not the most eco-friendly of choices. Hardwood on the other hand is cut from sustainable forests and goes through very few processes before it arrives in stores. In addition it’s strong, durable and will literally last a lifetime.

wood furniture enclosed patio

Even an enclosed outdoor patio can feel warmer with wood furniture

Image via: Amber Ranzau Interior Designers & Decorators

Easy Upkeep

Hardwood furniture is incredibly easy to look after and in most cases will simply need the occasional dust, polish or wax to keep it in tip top shape. Whereas a scratch or chip would completely ruin most composite or veneered furniture, scratches and other minor flaws can be easily repaired on hardwood furniture. Some people choose cheaper furniture because they’re worried about it being damaged, especially in busy family environments, but solid wood is one of the toughest materials known to man and will stand up better to bangs, scrapes and knocks than cheap furniture.

So if you’re sick to death of the flatpack throwaway attitude then invest in hardwood splendour instead and fill your home with incredible art that also happens to be practical furniture.

John Hinds writes for Lojix and his interests include playing tennis, reading, writing and painting.

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