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The Modern Appeal of Victoria Plumb Shower Baths

 Entry #2141, March 26, 2013


Celebrating the benefits of shower baths with Victoria Plumb

A modern bathroom means far more than simply having units that are stylish and functional. You need a bathroom which works in harmony with your home and integrates seamlessly with your life; a place where you can relax and unwind when you have the time and enjoy a quick, refreshing shower when you don’t.

Victoria Plumb’s range of shower baths is perfect for this and whether you’re looking to enjoy a long hot soak or a quick and powerful spray from your shower head, they’re guaranteed to have what you need. Still not sure if shower baths are right for you? Take a look at the benefits listed below and see just what you’re missing out on.


Cambridge Square Shower Bath

Shower baths Save Space without Sacrificing Style

Whatever the size of your bathroom, shower baths are a great way to save space without sacrificing style, comfort or functionality. When your bathroom is limited in space and you want the benefits of both a shower and bath the Cambridge Square Shower Bath from Victoria Plumb is labelled “excellent value” in customer reviews, because it also includes a screen and is a stylish yet practical option for any bathroom.

The straight lines of the Cambridge helps it fit snugly into corners without occupying floor space unnecessarily while the bath panels are available in a choice of finishes ranging from classic white to the warm and rich textures of wenge and oak for ultimate versatility.

This versatility is one of the biggest advantages of a shower bath because they offer plenty of diversity in style to match your needs. The sharp lines of square shower baths are ideal for modern homes and small bathrooms whilst P shaped shower baths offer a more curved and gentle profile. These may require a little more room to install but their seamless silhouette offers an uninterrupted style which can suit both modern and contemporary styles.

Shower baths offer opportunities for a new look 

The obvious practicality of a shower bath is the name of the game in any bathroom because you have the benefit of choosing to either wash and go with a shower or sit and soak with a bath. [example: However, there are many opportunities to modernise your bathroom created from adding new a look with an elegant shower head or wall hung furniture]

Match these with 2 door mirror cabinets and bathroom furniture from Victoria Plumb to make even better use of available space and build a continuous design theme in your bathroom; corresponding wall cabinets, back-to-wall toilet units, floor mounted and counter top basin units are all available in their Odessa and Compact furniture ranges.

Single-Bath-Screen Victoria Plumb

Consider converting your bathroom today

Converting to a shower bath

If you already have bath that you love but are not in a position to change to a new shower bath, why not convert your existing bathroom set-up by installing a shower over your bath with help from Victoria Plumb?

Fixed shower heads, riser and rail kits and bath screens are all available in a variety of designs so you can achieve the right level of functionality. Victoria Plumb’s hinged bath screens are ideal for those looking for flexibility and are manufactured from 6mm safety glass. Some bath screens have the option of a built-in towel rail but Victoria Plumb’s curved bath screens   remains a popular option perfect for those whose bathrooms already have towel rail fittings.

If your bathroom is lacking from limited functionality, why not invest in a shower bath from Victoria Plumb? With all these benefits and plenty more you’re guaranteed to be satisfied.

For more bathroom remodeling tips on Stagetecture, click here.

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