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How to Design a Creative Nursery for your Child

Entry #2153, March 1, 2013

A warm welcome to a new member in the family is a lot of fun. Caring for your new child should start with a comfortable and suitable room. Keep in mind that toddlers need a conducive environment for proper growth and a baby’s nursery is the perfect place to start. This will ensure that your kid is in best developing condition at home.

A lot of nursery designs are available for you to assess and see if it fits your preference. But you have to make sure that comfort and coziness are on top of your priorities. You also have to consider the longevity of the design to suit the needs of your child in the growing up years.

modern nursery idea

modern nursery idea

Image via: Regan Baker Design

Here are some ideas on how to create the perfect nursery:

Child-friendly wall designs

Your walls occupy a huge part of the room. These walls serve as the blackboard for your little child. The choice of design can set the tone or the ambiance of the room. Several studies have proved that the interior design affects the mood of the people living in it. Modern wall designs that are child-friendly are those with environmental themes, educational inputs and geometrical shapes.

Gendered theme

You have to be very careful in choosing your desired theme. It will affect, in a way, the sensitivity or acuity of your growing child. For instance, the color pink is always attributed to female. This color theme should be used accordingly to avoid misconception in the eyes of the child. This kind of strategy is more of intervention rather than perception.

nursery ideas gender neutral

Tips for your little one’s nursery

Image via: Jennifer Bishop Design

Choosing the right crib

Almost every child experienced being in the crib. It’s the safe haven of every child during the developmental years. You have to make sure that the crib highlights the whole interior. After all, it’s your child comfort that matters. Modern crib designs such as adjustable mattress, integrated drawers and safe headboards are perfect for your child.

Your child deserves only the best. So, take your time and plan the perfect nursery for the newest member in the family.

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