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How to Transform Your Bathroom into a Spa Retreat

Entry #2160, March 4, 2013


Who doesn’t want to experience the relaxing ambiance of a spa in their bathroom? The pleasant looks of the surrounding and soothing atmosphere can simply make your day complete. A spa treatment to end the day will definitely release stress and tension that your body accumulates after a day’s work.

But you don’t have to spend a lot in spa to experience its comfort. Your home bathroom can be turned into a relaxing spa by just making a few changes. You will certainly enjoy the benefits of a spa in the convenience of your home. This is something that you should consider especially if you want to indulge yourself at home.

bathroom spa amenities

Turn your bathroom into a spa retreat

Image via: Remick Associates Architecture

Here’s how to transform your bathroom into a spa and enjoy a relaxing experience:

Invest in a quality rain shower head:

Do you still remember how you love to enjoy every drop of rain during your childhood? Well, bring those moments back by using a rain shower head in your bathroom. The drops bring a distinct feeling of relaxation. It’s like having a massage like pinch of water droplets. This is worth every penny.

Add a heated towel rack

Don’t forget to have a heated towel rack for optimum spa-like experience. The heated towel relaxes your muscles and loosens the tension in your body. This is one of the amenities that you can get in a spa that you can have in your bathroom. All you have to do is to provide yourself with a heated towel rack and experience the relaxing heat.

spa bathroom ideas

Add bathroom storage for a spa retreat experience

Image via: Richard Mandelkorn

Consider a comfortable seating area and storage

Provide yourself with a comfortable seat like ottomans chair where you can relax. Choose furniture that is properly upholstered. On the other hand, storage bins can accommodate your magazines, newspapers and other reading materials.

A spa-like bathroom is a great addition to that comfort that your home can offer. This is a worthwhile investment that you gain a lot for yourself and loved ones.

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