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How to Utilize Your Small Kitchen Efficiently

Entry #2151, March 1, 2013

It’s never a surprise to hear that homeowners have small or limited kitchen space. But smaller space doesn’t mean you can’t make it convenient to move around or comfortable to do the chores. You just have to maximize the space and try your best to come up with a great blueprint for your available kitchen space.

small kitchen wood floor

How do you find space in your small kitchen?

Image via: Name is Grace

A small kitchen doesn’t have to be fully renovated so you can do your kitchen chores. You don’t have to get some space from the adjacent room to make a perfect kitchen.

There are simple yet very effective ways to fully enjoy your small kitchen. Here are some of the things that you can do for your limited kitchen space:

Organize everything

This is the best first step that you can do. Proper organization on all the kitchen utensils, tools and equipment will take full advantage of every inch of space you have. It will make your kitchen look neat and pleasant. This will also allow greater access to essential items you have in the kitchen.

Utilize windowsills and corners

Pop in your kitchen appliances and other essentials in the windowsills and corners of the room. For instance, the space in between two appliances can be utilized for pull-over tray storage. You can also customize your kitchen tabletops to fit on each corner, as intended. This will provide more storage to your kitchen without taking much space.

small kitchen dark wood cabinetry

Utilize all areas of your small kitchen

Image via: The Woodshop of Avon

Make use of shelves

Shelve can do more than storing your kitchen items. You can also use them to enhance the style of your kitchen by adding accent and highlights to its design. But still you have to make sure that your shelves are designed to cater a lot of items you need in the kitchen. You may opt to have double stacking shelves for better storage capacity.
These are some of the effective ideas on how you can enjoy your small kitchen. Worry no more and have fun in doing your kitchen chores.

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