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Interior Design Trend: Flipping Decor Upside Down

Entry #2107, March 15, 2013

It is said that when you are feeling low,  to cheer up and turn that frown upside-down.  Well, why not try this idea or concept for livening up your interiors?  Simply take key areas of the space and give it a turn or flip and see how it works.  Think of Alice in Wonderland, remember how everything was backwards and abnormal?  The book or film caused you to think out of the box and try things that weren’t the ordinary which is the point. Let’s take a look at some upside down ideas and see if we can become inspired.

Table Contents

Flip It Upside Down

Table Contents

Image via: Too Stinkin’ Cute

Table center pieces are always a focal point for the dining area.  What if you took the wine glasses and made them the vase for the flowers and candle holders for the table all together? It is that easy, take some wine glasses of different or similar designs and cut the tops of bloomed flowers.  Turn the glasses over and place the flower tops under the cup then add colorful candles to the tops.  This will add color and vibrancy to the space.

Wall & Chair Art – Flipped Upside Down

upside down interiors wall art

upside down interiors wall art

Image via: ZeroEnergy Design

“Your feet belong on the ground like your chair”, rings constantly in our ears from our parents but what if we took what was mean for the ground to be walled.  Talk about Wonderland, the chair has been split in half and cemented to the wall upside down and turned into a book shelf, coat and hat rack.  You can even, for fun, take the chair and glue just the legs to the wall with the seat of the chair facing upward with a table sitting in front of it.

Light Fixtures

Flip It Upside Down

Light Fixtures

Image via: The Design Files

A spot of tea for anybody? Turned tea cup lighting fixtures are great for adding history and design to any room they are in.  The scene almost looks as if the suspend tea cups are floating in the air in a topsy-turvy pattern, creating a whimsical effect for the space. Now if only the Mad Hatter and March Hare were present…

Wall Art

Wall art upside down

Flip your wall art upside down!

Image via: Olioboard

Of course, just moving and rearranging the pictures on your wall adds great contrast and difference to the space.  Take the pictures that you have and turn them side-ways, upside down, left, right create disorder within order.  The way the photos are set up in the image above forces your eye down and creates the illusion that the images themselves are fallen down adding motion and depth to the room.

Now see turning things upside down can make the entire space seem more animated and extraordinary.  Search and discover ways to turn your space upside down and try them out.  Be inspired, creative and have fun with it.

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