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Olioboard Inspiration – Bringing Springtime to your Front Porch

 Entry #2084, March 8, 2013

Today we continue Stagetecture’s feature. ‘Olioboard Inspiration‘. Last week you enjoyed Sam Holloway’s   – ‘Spring Potter’s Shed Organization’ and this week I bring you Tee Jay a member of the Facebook Olioboard Fan Room. I asked her to come up with creative ways to dust off your winter front porch and bring refreshing spring elements to your outdoor home. Look at her great ideas of how to waken up your front porch with spring elements.

If you’re interested in being featured see details here: How to be featured on Stagetecture’s Olioboard Inspiration‘ series.

Olioboard Inspiration #8

Bringing Springtime to your Front Porch ” –  Tee Jay

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring!

Tee Jay Spring Porch Olioboard Stagetecture

Many of us look at our porch’s right now in a blah state as so many families in 2012 had to deal with the harsh weather and its effect on our homes. The effects were devastating indefinitely, but 2013 has emerged and now it’s time to bring happiness back into our lives as most of the clean-up has transpired by now. I don’t know about you’ll, but I am looking forward to brighter days, the scent of blooming flowers, vibrant colors, and sitting on my balcony after a long day. I am putting up the knits, turtlenecks, boots, coats, dark colors, well… not the boots, and bringing in spring the right way. The first place to start is with a great porch transformation. Here are some easy transformation tips to give your porch that “Welcome Back Spring” look.

1. Wreaths

Purchase or make your own fresh flowered wreath which provides the senses with many delights. Beautiful, yet giving that area around the door before entering the home a perfumed scent that is delightful for your visitors.

2. Brass Door Knockers

Add an eye catching brass door knocker as there are many to choose from. From ornate Victorian and classical, to traditional which gives that country club feel. Doorknockers make the overall character and charm to any front door.

3. Outdoor Lighting Sconces

Adding an outdoor sconce or sconces, of course gets rid of the old lighting that may be there from when the house was purchased or was there already, due to renting a house. Bringing in new lighting to any room brings as they say, a whole new light to the situation when replaced.

Tee Jay Spring Porch2 Olioboard Stagetecture

4. Wind Chimes

Also purchasing beautiful wind chimes, my favorite of them all is a great addition to the porch. As one of the World’s first musical instruments, wind chimes have been known for their soothing, meditative, and sometimes earthly sound. The practice of Feng-Shui helped to spread the knowledge of wind chimes calming and balancing influence in the home.

5. Rugs

Roll out a pretty stain, fade and mildew resistant rug for heavy traffic. You can’t go wrong with all those benefits of the rug.

6. Colored Flower Pots and flowers

Gardenia potted flowers are the first that comes to mind. With its evocative and memorizing scent, you can’t go wrong with adding a few of these. The scent will is very attractive and will leave a lasting impression with family and friends. Colored flower pots of different shape and sizes can be a great addition in bringing in the Spring back to your porch!


Tee Jay’s bio:

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts and opinions with you, as I am an aspiring designer/decorator, single parent of 3 sons, living in the Seattle Area, originally from Brooklyn, who is looking to grow in the Staging Business. I have not too long ago, created a Blog called “Cheap Chic- Home Decorating and Fashion on a Budget. Hope you enjoy! Visit Tee Jay at her blog: Tee Jay Interiors and follow her on Olioboard.

For more Olioboard ideas on Stagetecture, click here.
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  1. Adele

    Some good ideas Tee Jay and seeing that cheerful yellow door makes me think it’s time to repaint my front door!

  2. Frances Newman

    What a beautiful porch! The yellow door and turquoise accents really do bring out the sunshine. Its amazing what color can do to transform a space. I love gardenias, too. They were my mother’s favorite and I planted gardenia bushes all around my front porch as a way of keeping her memory alive. They smell so great when they bloom. I have also been shopping for the perfect spring wreath. I spend extra getting the right one because it will greet our family all through the spring and summer months. Cheerio!

  3. Victoria L Bass

    Those boards are absolutely to die for; love them both; I wish my front yard looked anything like this lol The article was very interesting and your ideas are brilliant!!! Sorry I missed it last week. Real life is getting more hectic by the minute lol

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