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Outdoor Home: Bringing Exotic Touches to Your Spring Patio

 Entry #2105, March 14, 2013

Are you bored of your patio and want to add some exotic touches? Then, consider some renovations or a bit of touches to your patio. This idea will surely bring a different ambiance as you sit and relax. It’s a great way to welcome the spring season and look at a scenic view outdoors.

So, how would you like to retouch your patio? If you still don’t have an idea, consider having an exotic look. This should be an exciting way to change the looks of your patio. An exotic touch for a patio is not really that difficult to achieve.

exotic porch

Bring exotic touches to your home and patio

Image via: Karla Trincanello, CID

You just have to recognize what you have and turn them into exotic accessories. Here are some helpful ideas in bringing exotic touches to your spring patio:

Transform your furniture

You don’t have to buy new furniture to achieve an exotic look. If your existing furniture is made of wood, just do a repainting job and have it varnished with maple or walnut. You can just change the cushion and seat cover for those furnitures not made of wood. For coffee table, change the table runner and place decorative foliage in the center table. Also, repaint your table to enhance its durability.

Hang decorative items

Dig in your garage and look for items that strike your attention at first glance. This may be a piece of art you did years ago, an antique gift you received from someone or anything that’s unique in a way. Any of these items should be present in your patio. You have to consider hanging these items and see how they enhance the looks of your patio.

exotic porch furnishings

Create an exotic outdoor oasis

Image via: R Brant Design

Add foliage and branches

This should complete the package. You can choose from Redbud, Hyacinth, Iris, Dewberry and other spring flowers you like. Make sure you check your garden first; you might see a lot of beautiful flowers for display. Branches can also offer exotic looks. You can pick some dried branches you have and attach them to the edges or corners.

Stick with the theme and take some time to plan your blueprint. Have fun with it!

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