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Simple Ways to Spring Clean Your Closets this Season

Entry #2095, March 11, 2013

Your closets are one of the important places in your home that you should keep clean and well-organize. This is where you have your personal items such as your clothes, accessories and other essentials. Spring is the time to put away the winter gear and thoroughly clean out the old before getting into the next season.

Cleaning your closet is easier said than done. Motivation to clean your closet is one thing but doing it effectively is another. You have to know what exactly need to be done. This is to save time and efforts in cleaning your closet. Also, following the appropriate procedure in cleaning your closet ensures better results.

spring cleaning closet

Get organized this spring

Image via: Clayton & Little Architects

Here are some helpful ideas and procedure to spring clean your closets this season:

Start by removing everything

This is the best start in cleaning your closet. But do not just place them anywhere after removing. Evaluate the things you get and categorize them. You may divide them into things you intend to donate, retain, repurpose or any category you think of. This will make it easier for you to identify the things that will be kept in the closet and free some space for other essential items.

Polishing your closets clean

After you remove everything, you’re now ready to cleanly polish your closet freely. It will be very convenient because of the absence of the things in the closet. When polishing, you have to dust the shelves and wipe all the surfaces. Use the right equipment like vacuum cleaner, rug, and duster. You also have to polish the surrounding of your closet with mop or broom.

closet and bathroom organization

Organize and spring clean your closet this season

Image via: Lisa Adams, LA Closet Design

Organize everything

Sort all your clothes, pants, accessories and other items. This will make it pleasant to see and easy to access. It will avoid unintentional clutter due to finding items you can’t locate. You have to arrange them according to the frequency of use. It will also help if you will hang as many items as you can for orderly arrangement.

Take your time and make the most of spring cleaning your closet. There is nothing better than starting out the new spring season with organized and freshly clean closets.

For more home organization tips on Stagetecture, click here.

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