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Unique Traditions of 5 Inspiring Asian Weddings

Entry #2310, April 18, 2013


Asia as a continent has something romantic and mysterious about itself; and when it comes to weddings, this part of the globe is a home to variety of rituals and unique customs. Traditions vary from one country to another and each is beautiful in its own way. Join us to explore some colorful and fascinating customs of rich Asian weddings.

Asian weddings are steeped in history and culture

Asian weddings are steeped in history and culture

Image Credit: Basibanget

Japanese weddings

In the land of the rising sun, as purple is the color of love, bride traditionally wears a silk kimono embroidered with purple iris flowers. The wedding ceremony is either Buddhist or Shinto both having a unique tradition attached to it. In case of a Buddhist ceremony, two strings of beads are interwoven to symbolize the union of two. If the nuptials are held in a Shinto shrine, the natural spirits are invoked to bless the couple.

Chinese Weddings

In China alone, wedding customs vary from one region to another. However, some of the most common traditions across the country include- the wearing of bright red colored gown symbolizing wealth and good luck, burning of loud firecrackers during the ceremony to ward off evil spirits, and, a roasted pig offered by the groom’s family to the bride’s family as a betrothal gift.

south asian wedding cake

South Asian wedding cake idea

Image via: Tumblr

Korean Weddings

In Korea, it is a tradition for the couple to consult a fortuneteller or a “Kung-hap,” to predict their future together. As the cost of the engagement gifts alone is usually $40,000 and up, it is essential that the prediction should be a harmonious union or else the marriage is called off.

Thai Weddings

red wedding Asian ideas

Red Asian wedding ideas

Image credit: Orange Blossoms Special Events

Thai weddings are generally intimate and attended only by immediate family members and friends. It is a custom for Thai bride and groom to prepare a meal and serve to the local monks before the actual nuptial. Only after the monks offer their blessings, the couple can tie the knot. The oldest member of the family leads the ceremony and dips the couple’s hands into a shell filled with water that symbolizes luck.

Hindu Weddings

Its a tradition in Hindu marriages to put Mehendi decorations on hands and feet of the bride

Its a tradition in Hindu marriages to put Mehendi decorations on hands and feet of the bride

Image credit: Chrissylong

In India and other countries dominated by Hindu culture, the bride and the groom are restricted to see each other several days before the wedding. As part of the ceremony, the couple recites seven vows amidst the sacredness of a ritual called ‘pheras’ revered for ages.

Asian weddings are steeped in history and culture, and each tradition is known to have strong mythological roots. Even though weddings in each country are distinct, they all celebrate the beauty of love and new beginning.

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