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5 of the Dirtiest Places in Your Home That You Forget to Clean

Guest Blogger #955, Entry #2392, May 7, 2013

Chances are that there are places inside your home you have never cleaned. No matter if you’ve lived in a home for a decade, chances are that there are nooks and crannies that haven’t been untouched in years. This is permissible only due to the fact that the area might be hard to reach. However, what if we don’t want to deal with it in the first place? Yet, there is also the chance that that we just simply forget about these nooks and crannies when we clean and then move on to other areas of the house without even thinking about it. Here are 5 of the dirtiest places in your home that you forget to clean.

trash can kitchen idea

Trash and recycling areas harbor many germs

Image via: Exquisite Kitchen Design

1. Trash Cans

Have you looked inside your trashcan lately? Most of us take out the trash one a week. If we have a large family this can be a bi-weekly chore. However, most of us don’t even think twice about cleaning out the actual trashcan. All those germs and food particles from the things we throw out have probably found their way to the bottom or side of our trashcans. It is important to clean out our waste bins at least twice a month to eliminate odors and germs.

2. Light Switches

When was the last time you wiped down and de-sanitized the light switches in your home? Here’s a better question: if you have a lot of people in your household, how many people are switching on and off the light switches during the course of a day? Our light switches become like safe harbors for germs that are literally carried around the house. It is important to clean your light switches at least once a week.

light switch hidden

Even though your light switches are hidden, they need to be cleaned!

Image via: Exquisite Kitchen Design

3. Behind Artwork & Picture Frames

We don’t often think about what could be lurking behind our picture and art frames. Perhaps this is why when we move out of our homes there is a very clear demarcation as to where our picture frames were. Whether you are looking for Ottawa house cleaning or Vancouver house cleaning, always make sure that the people cleaning your home do a quick clean or dusting behind the picture frames.

4. Doorknobs

Just like your light switches, our doorknobs can also be covered in germs from daily use. It is funny that the things in our homes that we operate the most are the things that most often get left unclean. Our doorknobs are an obvious place that we should clean, but we often forget to. If you have sanitizer wipes you could go around to all the doorknobs in the house for a quick wipe down.

door knob cleaning

Clean your door knobs regularly

Image via: Sterling Publishing

5. Houseplants

Lastly, if we have houseplants and you find yourself sneezing it might be because you’ve never cleaned the dust off of them. Just like anything that is still or stationary in the house, your houseplants can accumulate dust. So when you go to water them every week, just make sure to do a light dusting. Your plants will be happier and your home will be that much cleaner.

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