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Choosing a Cool Light Switch For Your Interiors

Entry #2403, May 10, 2013


Light switches play a vital role in your home. It is a small fixture that performs  a huge function to brighten all areas at home. But other than its functionality, switches are sometimes treated as something that should be there no matter how it looks like.

However, interior designers are taking serious consideration when it comes to switches. It’s not just the functionality that matters – it’s also how it looks. Switches should be able to blend well with the interior without compromising its visibility and effectiveness.

retro lights switch ideas

Retro light switch ideas

Image via: Tim Barber LTD Architecture & Interior Design

Take a look at these tips in choosing the right light switch for your home:

Go Retro switches

What better way to provide a classic look at your interior than having a retro switch. It can bring back time and memories of the good old days. But don’t be fooled by how it looks. Having retro switches doesn’t mean having limited functionality. It looks old but functions like any other modern switches you have.

switchplate ideas glasses

Switchplates that hold glasses

Image via: Scout Mob

Choose custom configuration switches

This is a modern approach to customize your switches into a multipurpose fixture. Several companies are offering modular system switches that combine 3 – 4 components. You can have your dimmer, switch, outlet and other ports in a single switch. This is a great way to save space. Custom switches are designed to match different interior themes you desire.

light switchplate mirrors

Light switchplate mirrored idea

Image via: Marla Schrank Interiors

Advanced APP-controlled switches

Speaking of modern technology, the APP-controlled switches are on top of the list. The popularity of smart phones and its wireless capability function make it possible to communicate with the switch to perform. It’s the most efficient and effective choice for people who are on the go.

In choosing the right light switch for your home, always consider safety, style and comfort.

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