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Creative Feng Shui Tips for your Living Room

Entry #2388, May 6, 2013

Whether you live in a mansion or a small apartment, there are some rules you need to follow to tap into the positive energy. Feng Shui can elevate your living room interiors and help you build a peaceful retreat. As you implement this Chinese version of Vastu, you will experience the positive “chi” flowing through your living area, further improving your overall quality of life. We point you some Feng Shui tips to effectively treat your living room.

Feng Shui suggests living room should be warn and inviting

Feng Shui suggests living room should be warm and inviting

Image via: Marie Burgos

Circular Seating Arrangement

The living room is an area where the family members interact with each other. A closed gathering space in a circular fashion offers a smooth path to seating and encourages conversation. Feng Shui insists that people sitting in the living area, at all times, should have a clear view of the main door. So, position your sofas and chairs in such a way that they face the door.

Keep it Clutter Free

Feng Shui is about even and constant flow of energy, and clutter can block its path. Create time to clean up your environment. Distribute unwanted items to friends and family, or, donate them to charity. Clutter free living room will bring in fresh air full of harmony and serenity.

Living Things

Fish tank in a living is extremely auspicious

Fish tank in a living room is extremely auspicious

Image via: Erin Hoopes

Green plants and flower arrangements help to create a pleasant atmosphere. Representing the earth and wood elements, the green and brown color adds a healthy and restorative ambiance to your living room.

Reflective Pieces

Place a large mirror in the living room to make it look spacious and spread light to eliminate any dark corners. However, it’s important to note that the mirror should not be placed opposite the living room door as this will reflect back the chi (energy). According to Feng Shui, mirrors inspire clarity of thought and self-awareness.

mirrors bathroom feng shui

Bring reflective surfaces into your home

Image via: Murphy & Co. Design

Emotional Objects

Decorate your living room walls with family photos, but Feng shui expert suggests that collection must include pictures of all the family members in the house. Moreover, only photographs that reflect joy and happiness should be displayed.

Feng Shui is known to bring luck and prosperity to homes. People associate it with things like crystals and Buddha statues. But, in reality it’s just about creating a little sense of flow and balance.

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