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DIY Sat. #149 – Protect your Home with these DIY Cat Projects

Guest Blogger #969, Entry #2459, May 25, 2013

We all love our pets, especially the furry feline variety, and we also love design. After all, what’s more inviting than a cuddly kitten curled up on a spectacular, luscious couch?

But all too often our lovable pets can become pests—sharpening their claws on the furniture we’ve searched so hard for, playing with items they shouldn’t be, and even bringing things we’d rather not have into our home.

cat diy projects

Create cat projects that will keep your home safe and your kitty happy

Image Bide a Wee

These easy-to-follow DIY project ideas should help keep your little feline friend happy, healthy, and clean—along with the rest of your home!

Scratching Post

We all know cats love to scratch. Unfortunately, we also know that they will do so wherever and whenever they want. When you have your own cat scratching post, you’re not only helping your cat feel more comfortable, you’re also helping to protect your furniture from unwanted claw marks.

Fortunately, making your own cat scratching post is an easy and fun way to help your cat, plus it helps keep your furniture tear-free. One awesome scratching post DIY guide can be found at To make this scratching post your own, buy some paint or fabric and dress it up to match your décor!

Cat Toys

Cats love chasing and playing with colorful objects, and making your very own catnip toy is easy and can usually be done with household items. Cats are natural hunters, and having their own toy will make them more likely to play with it instead of bringing some unwanted critter into your home.

If you crochet, you should definitely check out these colorful pyramid toys—with a bit of catnip inside, your kitten will really love them. (The full guide to how to make them is over at lazyearthlings.blogspot

cat diy projects toys

Cat DIY toys

Image via: Lazy Earthlings

An even simpler way to make your very own—and very affordable—toy is to make a ball out of tinfoil. Attach it to a piece of string, and your cat can stay entertained for hours! See a quick tinfoil tutorial at

Cat Fort

It’s a well-known fact: Cats love boxes.

But cat forts can be expensive, so making your own is a creative and cost-effective way of giving your cat its very own home. Most cardboard boxes work fine—the important thing is to make sure there is a variety of entrances and exits for your cat to help keep things exciting and ensure maximum playtime.

By taking a few cardboard boxes, making various holes throughout the sides, and attaching the boxes together, you’re giving your cat his very own fort. Paint and decorate it to match your style.

cat diy projects fort

Cat DIY Project – Fort

Image via: Haus Panther


Flea Trap

As clean as cats are, even they are not free from the curse of the flea. Fleas are a common problem, especially in summer months, and by making your own flea traps, you’re helping to ensure your cat is both happy and flea-free.

Fleas are naturally attracted to heat, so by placing a dish filled with soapy water by a desk lamp, you’ll have your very own flea trap. In fact, your flea trap can be something as elegant and simple as a candle (though be careful your pets don’t go near it!).

Though flea traps may not be as effective as a prescription flea treatment or pest control, it’s an easy, safe and affordable way to help protect your cat from fleas.

cat diy projects fleas away

Keep fleas away from cats with a simple candle

Image via: Wiki How

Creating your ideal home can be quite an undertaking, and caring for pets may be difficult, but both are incredibly rewarding, especially when homes and pets work together. Leave a comment below, and share how you care for your pets while keeping your home looking beautiful!

Author Bio:

Our guest blogger, Maya Rodgers is a pet lover and pest control consultant. Her experience on blogging topics comes from working for Terminix and experiencing too much abused furniture from her 13 year old yellow lab.  She can be found at Pets and Pests.

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