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French Cuisine that has Inspired a Culinary Revolution

Entry #2476, May 30, 2013

French cuisine is the most famous cuisine all over the word. Its origins overlap with the Italian dishes but over the years it has transformed into haute cuisine that is a very popular term used for French dishes. The cuisine makes extensive use of wine and cheese to give dishes rich flavor and exotic smell that you can’t resist to taste.

french cuisine dessert

French cuisine dessert

Image via: Kinoshita Photograph

The French cuisine has become popular after the French Revolution and there has been a major change in the taste and feel of dishes. You can enjoy very rich tastes and amazing aromas of wine and smooth and tasty flavors of cheese in the haute cuisine. Here are the amazing dishes that are known worldwide for their taste and French origins. In fact an animated Hollywood movie had been made on of the popular dishes.


It is a perfect blend of vegetables that taste extremely good when taken together. The key ingredient of this dish is tomato with aborigine (eggplant), garlic, onions, and curette (zucchini). It is an amazing dish that makes your mouth moist as soon as you see it. An animated movie has been made by the name of this dish.

Ratatouille recipe


Image via: Caroline Velik

Salad Nicosia

It is more popularly known by the Americans through “the French Chef”. It is a measured mixture of salad, tomatoes, and green beans and topped sometimes with tuna and anchovies. It is traditionally not served on a bed of lettuce. It can give all the dishes a perfect taste when enjoyed with it. It is an aura of French cuisine.

Salad Nicosia

Salad Nicosia

Image via: 3.BP

Beef Bourguignon

More popularly known as Beef Burgundy, it is dish that will fill tummies and is an aromatic and tasteful dish. It is actually a stew made in red wine, beef broth, onions and bouquet garn, and mushrooms. It is a very taste and you can always enjoy it with your friends and family in a breezy evening.

Beef Bourguignon recipe

Beef Bourguignon recipe

Image via: Food Network

Invite your friends and have an amazing dinner with these dishes that outline perfection of haute cuisine. Your friends will love the lustful aromas and delicious and rich tastes that these dishes offer. It will be fun and excitement for your guests as well. The dishes are enjoyed worldwide with a reception that is regarded as a prestige for French and amazing meals for others. Make these dishes at home and enjoy.

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