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Creative Outdoor Summer Painting Tips

 Guest Blogger #963, Entry #2437, May 20, 2013

With summer quickly approaching, it’s finally time to tackle those outdoor painting projects you’ve been meaning to complete all year.  Whether patio furniture, the exterior of your house, or even wood fencing, there’s no better time to whip out the primers and brushes and get started. However, with painting outdoors comes many factors, some of which may require elongated patience and even the delaying of your project.

home exterior summer painting tips

Helpful summer exterior home painting tips

Image via: Dennis Mayer Photography

Here are some tips to ensure your outdoors paint project goes as smoothly as possible:

Ideal Conditions:

The most important part of painting outdoors is waiting for the right conditions. To get the best results, painting should typically be done between temperatures of 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Equally important to the temperature are the wind and humidity factors. If the wind is rather strong, debris is prone to building up on wet or damp paint. Also, if the humidity is high, condensation may develop overnight, resulting in the streaking or fading of paint.


Much of the work for painting outdoors should be preparation, as paint fails to adhere to certain polluted surfaces. This involves scraping off any dirt or grime, or, if necessary, power washing the surface. Following this step, always remember to sand and prime all surfaces before applying the actual paint.

Necessary Materials:

To do this, materials such as scrapers or even putty knives are essential to removing cracked paint and re-filling old nail holes or cracks. If accompanied by a simple cleaning cloth, sandpaper, or even steel wool, you should have all the vital components to correctly prepare your surface. Also, don’t forget a ladder if you’ll need to reach rather tall surfaces.

home exterior summer painting ideas

Tips for painting your exterior home this summer

Image via: Colorful Concepts Interior Design

Safety First:

Throughout the process of any form of outdoors painting, always ensure that your tasks will be completed in the safest possible way. This can be as simple as remembering to keep hydrated during grueling summer months, and starting work at low-peak sun hours – ideally, the early morning.

If you follow these tips, painting outdoors should be problem-free. Remember before starting your project to always be conscious of the current weather conditions, and remain patient. If the conditions are not suitable, you may end up spending extra hours upon hours retouching, or even re-doing the entire surface! The best way to ensure a perfect paint job is to hire a professional, like Highland Park painters.

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