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Guest Blogger: How to Ramp up Your Decor with a Designer Door

 Guest Blogger #962, Entry #2431, May 18, 2013

If you come from the school of thought that says only those parts of the home should be designed which are in view of others, then we can counter that idea by asking why people design their personal spaces, including office desks and bathrooms. The idea of design is to create a mood you like and it also applies to doors that are not out at the front entrance. Even the door that leads to your basement can have design appeal and it’s time you exploit that.

The main hindrance when it comes to getting people to buy interior designer doors is the belief that doors are permanent. They are not. They need to be sturdy but you don’t need to get stuck with one design.


What type of door is perfect for your interiors?

All images via: 27 estore

Doors with fashionable finishes and wood grains

There are many new designs for doors available if you’re interested. One of the recent trends points towards getting doors with fashionable finishes and wood grains. But do not let trends limit your imagination. Designers today are not afraid to challenge the norms. Depending on your budget, or in certain cases, depending on the budget’s limitation, you can adjust the style for your door. The good news is designer doors are getting more affordable every day. But whatever you do, ensure that design-wise, you aren’t making a faux pas by getting the finish done wrong.


Choose doors that blend beautifully with your home

So how do you choose a door? Well, the first thing to ask yourself is – do I want the door to match the setting of the room or do I want to risk a contrast of styles? In the first case, pick a design that compliments the texture of your room. For example, if your home has brick or stone on the walls, an earthy/dirty color would complement it better than something too bright. But if you’re looking for a contrast, you can choose a bright color. Just make sure that the color of furniture or upholstery in that room matches that of your bright new door. If it’s a front door you’re looking for, try avoiding the same color scheme of your neighbor. Your unique choice is your design definition.

Sometimes, when you want to change the color of your door from a dark to a lighter shade, you might get tempted to save time by blowing off the primer. Do not do that, for the more solid your primer coating is, the finer the final opaque color will be.


Choose from a variety of colors and wood grains

Customize your door with decoration

For those who want to go a little crazy with ideas, there’s also this new option of having artwork on the door that creates an illusion of depth, especially if it’s viewed from a certain angle. Or if you’re young at heart and want a punk theme, you could also choose a door with graffiti on it. These are merely recommendations that we have seen around. There are no restrictions when it comes to designing your own home.

Author Bio:- Paul Nach works at, a company focused on offering quality home remodeling products. In his free time and whenever snow is on the slopes, Paul likes to snowboard – going to the beach is also an alternative.

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