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How to Refresh your Home for Less this Spring

Entry #2386, May 6, 2013

You must have heard horrific stories about people going bankrupt after they renovate their homes. It is but obvious in this fast and expensive world. The truth is yes renovation does require hefty amounts of money but you do not necessarily have to be dependent on high-end brands and house décor shops to bring class to your house. Some effort is also required on your end. List down everything that needs replacement in your house and out of this list; jot down the things that require no professional service and you can modify things yourself by only a little effort

refresh your home with paint

Refresh your home with paint – least expensive home improvement

Image via: Darbyshire Designs

Paint it up yourself

Painting the walls, shelves, wood and all is not a rocket science affair. You just need the tools and the paint to get it all started. With the help of your family, painting shall be the first step, the n according to the theme of colours you can gradually decorate the house. There are many forms of paints available in the market and if you do not have your hands practiced on brushes, you can paint the walls using a form roller brush. It is very easy to operate. You will also need moveable ladder cases to be able to reach all the ends of the walls.
If you want to give a new look to your floor and wooden ornaments you can also think about getting them polished, rather than having them changed. For this, professional help will be required. However, if you are familiar with the technique, you can get it done yourself.

Refreshing your home decor:

Buying each and everything for a new start can get very expensive. You can alter the things at home instead. Following are some of the tricks of giving new look to your old décor items:

1. Pick up all the wood tables:

Now when you have all the wooden tables of different sizes. You can sew leather and other fabrics over to make them new sitting pieces. It is very easy and anyone can do it with his or her hands. To give them more catchy looks, you can always add different sizes of woof pieces at the back or anywhere you like. Paint them in different colours or cover them with foam and then sew them with your favourite fabric.

diy freshen wood side table

Freshen your wood tables with a new look

Image via: Frisson

2. Make your own lanterns:

Lanterns’ are a new style statement this year and you can make your own at home. You will need few metal hangers, scissor, a cutter, spray paint of your favorite colour, plastic bottle. Next cut these bottles with the help of a cutter making a shape of a flower, cut as many flowers as you can and now with three iron hangers of different sizes. Large, medium and small make a round shape. Start spraying the flowers in your favourite colour with spray paints. Next with the help of thread tie the flowers around the three rings, you prepared earlier. You can join these three rings with a ribbon and place a small bulb inside. Your colourful lanterns’ are ready. Not just the floral lanterns, but there many lanterns shapes you can make, simple spray a glass jar, place some glitter and a bulb inside and do a lot more.

3. Add mirrors in the house:

Mirrors will not cost you much. Buy simple looking mirrors of different shapes and tell your kids who is aware of carving and designing to modify it into a good-looking mirror. Place them at every corner and room. This will give a bigger illusion to your house.

freshen bathroom with mirror

Freshen your home with unique mirrors

Image via: Montgomery Roth Architecture & Interior Design

Be creative, you do not always have to spend huge amount of money to renovate your house. If your couches and seats have gone out of order, do not throw them away. Get them fixed from an affordable worker and add fabric of your choice. This will make them appear new. You can also do a lot with the already available resources in your house. You can also work as a plumber yourself with the tool kit and place picture collages of your family on every wall. Think about and think about budget. Renovating under low budget is not only handy but it can be a good fun time with family, learning about your creative side.

For more DIY ideas on Stagetecture, & Stagetecture’s YouTube Channel, click here.

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