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Perfecting your Salad with Scrumptious Topping Ideas

Entry #2402, May 9, 2013

Salads can be appetizers that many enjoy before eating dinner or even have as their entire meal.. The word originally comes from the French culture, but it has evolved in different cultures with variations in tastes. Some cultures serve it warm with fresh delicious taste of potato, while others leave it all natural and leafy and serve it with mouth-watering garnishes like nuts and various sauces. Having a salad before staring a party meal increases craving and you can have the prestige of serving these perfect starters even after the meal ends.
Here are the top four tips from us that you can use to make your salads have everlasting taste:

Use a diversity in sliced ingredients

The whole point increasing appetites is by making your salad look more appealing and tasty. You can do this using a number of sliced ingredients that are of various colors. It will give a very tasty look and your guests would not be able to stop themselves from having a plate full of your salad.

salad ideas blackberries

Add a variety of ingredients to add texture and flavor to your salad

 Image via: My Daily Randomness

Include a dressing

Westerners use various types of dressings for their salads. Vinaigrette is one special dressing that is used with all salads. It is a blend of vinegar, spices, some oil, and flavored herbs. It freshens up the taste of your salad. Russians on the other hand use creams, buttermilk, and mayonnaise as dressings on their salad. Whether you are making an Italian salad or a Russian, dressings give up the aroma that no one can resist.

Garnishes make richness of taste

People use a number of garnishes with salads. You can use sunflower seeds, carrots, and even bacon bits as garnishes for your salads. This will give your salad a very rich taste that everyone would love to have.

salmon salads strawberry

Salmon salads strawberry

 Image via: The Beauty File

Fresh supplies

The key to a good salad is the freshness of ingredients you use. Always make sure that all the lettuce, grains, or carrots are fresh. Even a day old lettuce will lose its crunchy taste and you do not want this ever. The more color you add with freshness, the more will the salads increases the cravings.

Having salads before a party at your home certainly is a very good idea. These starters can really get the party going. You can serve bowls full of salad as soon as the guests arrive and they can enjoy a laugh while tasting your freshness and warmth in a readymade salad in their hands. With a variety of salads available for you to try, you can give Russian salads a chance to amaze you, and at other times, you can experiment with Italian salads.

For more salad recipes on Stagetecture, click here.

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