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4th of July Celebration in a Glass: Layered Cocktail Recipe

Entry #2561, June 24, 2013

Cool off your 4th of July celebration with a drink layered for the occasion.  The 4th of July layered drink gives you the sweet, vibrant and bubbly flavors that you and your guests will enjoy at your summer holiday get together.  Take a peak at the recipe, follow it through then enjoy!

4th of July Celebration in a Glass: Layered Cocktail

4th of July Layered Drink Recipe

4th of July Layered Drink

Image via: She Know’s: Food and Recipes

Servings: 6 Glasses


  1. 1 (2-liter) Diet Sprite or Sprite
  2. 1 Bottle Cranberry Juice
  3. 1 (32-ounce) Bottle Berry Blue or any blue-colored Gatorade
  4. 6 Tall Glasses
  5. Ice Cubes
4th of July Layered Drink Recipe

4th of July Layered Drink

Image via: Parents Society


  1. Fill each glass with ice cubes.
  2. First pour the cranberry juice into a glass, filling it less than halfway full.  Repeat this process with each of the remaining glasses.
  3. Very slowly pour the blue Gatorade or blue-colored drink over the ice cubes so that it will layer on top of it.  Fill it less than halfway to the top again.
  4. Once each of the glasses are filled with both drinks now comes the pop to top it off.  Fill the remaining gap of the glasses with the Sprite.  It is better if served right after it has been made.


4th of july layered drink

Make a layered 4th of July cocktail

Image via: In Katrina’s Kitchen

This summer create drinks that are as explosive as summertime in a glass! These 4th oh July layered drinks are the perfect cocktails for lazy afternoons and warm summer nights with your family and friends. Try these drinks and let us know which ones you love best.

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