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7 Bathroom and Kitchen Design Trends For 2013

Guest Blogger #997, Entry #2562, June 25, 2013

Design trends keep changing every year and gadgets or fixtures that seemed contemporary five years ago, now tend to look dated. Bathrooms and kitchens are the areas which are most affected by changing trends. Hence, most people choose to update their kitchens and bathrooms every few years. The current favorites in kitchen design materials are white-painted cabinetry, LED lighting, and motion-sensor faucets. In bathrooms, under-mounted sinks along with ceramic and porcelain tiles are the reigning favorites.

kitchen design wood floors white cabinetry

kitchen design wood floors white cabinetry

Image via: Witt Construction

Improving the Financial Value of Your Home

There are many reasons why someone would choose to remodel. For most, it is convenience that leads them to take this decision. Yet another equally important factor is the aesthetics involved. The cost of an average kitchen remodel is about $ 47,308 while a bathroom might set you back by about $18,538. Designs should be in keeping with the décor and the personality of the individuals who will be residing in that home.

1. It’s White All the Way

White remains the popular choice in color schemes for kitchens and bathrooms alike. Off white comes a close second with grey finishing in third place. It is amazing how many people want to be surrounded by white as if they were in a hospital. White-painted cabinets in various finishes continue to rule the roost as they have over the past couple of years which is just as profoundly strange as having white walls, according to some people with a little more imagination. Michael Inson with EZ Acceptance Builders, a Cleveland-Based kitchen remodeling firm has noticed the trend. “We’ve been seeing clients steadily increase in their preference of white lately. I think every generation white comes back. It’s a classic in which people tend to circle back.

white bathroom

White is still a classic trend in bathrooms and kitchens

Image via: Brian Patterson Designs, Inc.

2. Eco-friendly Lighting 

LED lighting is the most preferred choice for kitchens and bathrooms. The durability of these lights and their energy efficiency quotient make them highly appealing to users. The fact that they are free of toxic materials and are recyclable is an additional charm. But the problem is they cannot light up that fast and the light they provide is not that powerful or even sufficient.

country style kitchen ideas

Wood, ceramic, stainless steel are all kitchen trends that are here to stay

Image via: Davis Photography

3. Eco-friendly Countertops

Granite and quartz are the leaders when it comes to kitchen and bathroom countertops. Though both these materials fall under the ‘natural stone’ category, quartz has a slight edge over granite in terms of advantages. It is low maintenance and due to its non-porous nature, keeps stains and bacteria at bay. However, quartz still remains in second place behind granite.

4. Steel is History

Stainless steel has gone out of favor and has been replaced by satin nickel finishes. Bronze finishes are also slowly gaining popularity. The same goes for bath and kitchen accessories like faucets and showers as well as soap dishes and towel holders.

5. Transitional Style

In order to make a style statement with your kitchen or bathroom, you should opt for a transitional style of design rather than traditional or contemporary. James Villa with online retailer of kitchen and bathroom appliances, IBathTile, notes the trend. “What we’re seeing now is a fusion of the traditional and contemporary styles more than we’ve seen before. Brands such as Hansgrohe have traditionally done an exceptional job with this. For 2013, it’s began to race ahead of the pack.”

traditional kitchen adjacent seating

A traditional kitchen can transcend through time

Image via: Insidesign

6. Ceramics and Porcelain

Most people are opting for ceramic or porcelain tiles for their bathrooms. The ease of maintenance and durability are the main reasons why people opt for these flooring materials. Both these are made of eco-friendly materials and are cost-effective too.

7. Undermounted Sinks and Trendy Faucets

Undermounted sinks are considered elegant and classy in a bathroom. As for faucets, the pull-outs remain the most popular. Touch-activated faucets are fast gaining in popularity compared to their performance over the past two years. The functionality aspect is what sees the pullouts do better than the others.

These trends were reiterated by the 300-odd attendees at the National Kitchen and bath Association (NKBA). They can act as a guideline if you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen or bathroom sometime this year.

JD Vantage is a contributor with WebiFusion, an online PR advocacy firm. JD Vantage enjoys writing about environmental sustainability among other topics.

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