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Creative Themes to Plan the Perfect Baby Shower

Entry #2496, June 6, 2013

The arrival of a baby is an event with much anticipation for every parent, especially the first timers. Family and friends want to make this event as special for the parents as possible and, thus, they organize a “baby shower.” Celebrating a baby shower is not just to collect gifts for the new born, but it is also a way of making to-be-parents feel special.

baby shower theme

Baby shower theme

Image via: Savour the Sweet Life

Everyone wants the baby shower of their child to be unique and full of celebrations, in all its magnificence, however, they are often unable to come up with good ideas. Below we present to you some unique and exciting baby shower themes.

baby shower paris

Baby shower theme idea – Paris

Image via: Pinterest

Theme # 1: Nursery set up

This kind involves asking each guest to set up some part of the nursery, be it the setting up of the crib or other piece of furniture. Some hang paintings or pictures, while others help in setting up other items, such as curtains and stuff toys. After the setting up of the nursery, everyone can sit down for a nice dinner, take pictures, and create some memories for your child to cherish later on.

Theme # 2: Child’s wardrobe creating party

This is a very exciting and fun way of celebrating a baby shower. Each guest is given a tee-shirt and some fabric paints to play with, well, yes, you can actually play with the paint while making something decorative on the tees or writing some special message for the new born.

Theme # 3: Send a Message to the Baby

Everyone attending the party given a piece of cardboard on which they can write a message for the baby. A picture of people, holding their card, taken permanently captures the moments for the little one to look at.

baby shower decorating ideas

Baby shower decorating ideas

Image via: Top Dreamer

Theme # 4: Knit a Blanket

This is one traditional way of celebrating a baby shower, each guest has to sew a 4 inch square, thereafter, all these pieces are sewn together to make one cute blanket for the baby. This results in great fun and perfect memories!

Theme # 5: Build baby’s library

Guests bring a book along of their favorite characters or nursery rhymes, as a child, for the new born. They can even bring in CDs, their favorite movie, or other popular tunes for the new born.
Follow these baby shower themes and you will surely create some beautiful memories with all your well-wishers.

For more baby and nursery ideas on Stagetecture, click here.

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