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DIY Sat. #154 – Easy 4th of July Kids Crafts Ideas (Video)

Entry #2577, June 29, 2013

It’s the 4th of July and that means sunshine, watermelon, 4th of July parades, parties and fireworks! For children the 4th of July is a day that many look forward to. It’s filled with fun activities and events that create memories that last a lifetime. Why not get your children involved in the preparation for the celebration by providing them with several easy and fun 4th of July crafts!

4th july bunting

The house will look festive with this bunting displayed out front

Image via: Martha Stewart

Handprint American Flag

Create a keepsake with this American flag!

Create a keepsake with this American flag!

Image via: Serendipity

Cute, classic, and something creative to use year after year, an American flag made out of your children’s hand and footprints is truly a must-have keepsake. Find a large piece of white paper or even a blank canvas. Place a generous amount of red and blue paint on separate plates. Have your children dip their feet into the red paint and press their paint-covered tootsies onto the paper. Do the same thing with the blue paint. Have the children press their hands into the blue paint and press their hands onto the paper creating the “stars.” A handprint America flag is the perfect activity for the 4th of July and one that can be used again and again.  Who doesn’t love to get messy in paint!

Patriotic T-Shirts

Personalized 4th of July T-shirts!

Personalized 4th of July T-shirts!

Image Via: Spoonful Show support for your community 4th of July Parade, or have one of your own, and wear personalized patriotic t-shirts! The sky is the limit when it comes to decorating t-shirts. There are stencils and iron-on decals in almost every craft store. If you can’t find a stencil or iron-on decal, create a stamp of your own! Grab an old sponge and a star shaped cookie cutter. Place the star cookie cutter on top of the sponge and trace around it. Then cut the sponge star out and dip it into red or blue paint! Press your sponge start onto your t-shirt and voila! A decorated t-shirt that is perfect for the 4th of July!

 4th of July Crown

Crown your child for the 4th of July!

Crown your child for the 4th of July!

Image Via: Spoonful Need a crown to go with that t-shirt? No problem! Your children will love to create their very own 4th of July crown using duct tape, straws and pipe cleaners! Find a box of red, white and blue straws. These are easy to find around the 4th of July at your local grocery store or Walmart. Grab some pipe cleaners while you are at it. You may need to buzz over to the local craft store for pipe cleaners but they are easy to find. Next make a stop at the local hardware store. Find some red or blue duct tape. The duct tape will serve as the base of the crown and will also hold the straws in place. Pull strips of red or blue (or both) duct tape that are twice as long as your child’s head. Turn the strip over and place the bottom edges of your straws onto the sticky part of the duct tape. Then fold the remaining strip of duct tape over top of the straws, sandwiching the straws in between the sticky portion of the duct tape. Stick the pipe cleaners into the straws and twist and curl the top edge of the pipe cleaners as you choose! Staple the two edges of duct tape together and crown your child for the 4th of July!

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