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Food Dishes that Brought a Revolution: Haute Cuisine

Entry #2503, June 8, 2013

The food that we eat represents who we are. Now due to westernization, all the countries have specialities in many cuisines. This includes not only the native dishes but also the adoption of different dishes from the world. There are few dishes, which brought revolution in the food industry and many chef started following the same recipe for many other dishes as well.

The French initiated this revolution when their much-loved pizza was getting an amazing introduction in other countries. Many dishes came into existence following the same pattern of cooking as pizza. Below you will find a list of dishes that brought revolution:

French pizza

Even if you talk to a rural man in any third world country, they can elaborate well what is a pizza. Moreover, they can tell how it is cooked. Pizza is one of the cuisines, which people of all ages and like, regardless of the fact that your taste for other cuisines varies. Each person who tries it for the first time would also like it. It is amalgamation of all the goodness of the world. To the brilliantly levelled dough to the mixture of tasty spices and veggies, meat to cheese toppings, it serves every ‘Tommy’ with a treat. Pizza corners are present in all the countries at almost every stop of the city. However, this internationally loved cuisine has a little bit of native touch.

french pizza

Pizza has become an American favorite

Image via: Pinterest

Italian pasta and lasagna

Pasta is an Italian dish. Though not liked by Asian countries much because it does not have abundant of spices added. However, youngsters like it a lot and again like pizza, it is one of the dishes now available across the world and people can even prepare it at home. There are many different ways of making pasta, you can cook it on the stove or bake it. Both lasagne and pasta requires layers, which the cook carefully dishes out to ensure rich taste in all bites.

Italian lasagne

Italian lasagna

Image via:

Butter chicken

Pakistan and India initially introduced the Butter chicken, but you will find this dish in the menu of almost all the restaurants of the world. This dish gave rise to other dishes like cheese dough, butter pulses etcetera.

butter chicken recipe

Butter chicken

Image via: Kurry Leaves

No matter, what part of the world you live in, we recommend a change in your food routine. It makes you fresh and healthy and you get familiar with the cooking and taste of different parts of the world. Experimenting can also help you find your sweet spot and not only these revolutionary dish, each dish can serve the purpose well if enjoyed warm and with good company.

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