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Guest Blogger: 5 Common Kitchen Styling Mistakes

Guest Blogger #992, Entry #2543, June 20, 2013

Styling a kitchen certainly isn’t easy. From tight budgets that prevent access to high quality materials to design fads that, while stylish at the time, simply didn’t age very well, the amount of potential styling mistakes that designers face can be extensive.

1. Falling for design fads and temporary trends

Have you ever cringed after seeing a photo of yourself in a dated outfit? Just like the world of fashion changed rapidly, the ultimate ultra-modern kitchen design trends are constantly changing and adapting to new tastes.

Walking along the cutting edge is risky, particularly if you aren’t willing to keep your kitchen updated frequently. If you want to avoid dealing with a dated kitchen, avoid falling for ultra-modern design fads and trends that won’t last.

modern kitchen ideas view

Don’t use lower cost materials to cut corners

Image via: Moen

2. Using cheap materials to reduce short-term costs

Cutting corners when you build your kitchen means dealing with increased repair bills and maintenance costs as it ages. As tempting as it might be to cut down your budget with cheap materials, investing in quality is a far better option.

3. Spreading your kitchen appliances too thin

One of the most important aspects of effective kitchen design is the ‘kitchen triangle’ – a collection of three appliances that’s essential for kitchen usability. Avoid putting your stove, sink, and fridge too far apart, as it reduces your kitchen’s usability.

kitchen modern brown color

Use quality materials with timeless appeal

Image via: John Maniscalco Architecture

You don’t need to fill every inch of available kitchen space with countertops, shelves, and appliances. Instead of building a kitchen to fit the room, make sure your kitchen is designed to fit your needs.

4. Using materials that look good but damage easily

As wonderful as polished wooden countertops look, they’re far from hardy when a red-hot frying plan is accidentally placed on top of them. Some kitchen materials are stylish and great looking but lack the durability required for a lasting kitchen.

Generally speaking, it’s best to aim for a balance of style and durability when you’re styling a kitchen. Stick with proven materials – granite for countertops, hard woods for shelving, and tempered glass for cupboard doors – and avoid weak materials.

kitchen design ideas modern

Avoiding trends and focusing on usable space are great ways to build a timeless kitchen

Image via: Schwartz and Architecture

5. Sacrificing ventilation, light, and practicality for style

Nothing is worse than a stylish kitchen with terrible ventilation. Great kitchens need to have light for eliminating countertop bacteria, ventilation for removing the odors that can result from cooking, and practicality for stress-free food preparation.

If your kitchen design puts your stove in an unventilated corner, invest in a range hood to remove cooking odors. Likewise, if your kitchen lacks natural light, it may be worth investing in a skylight or daylighting solution to naturally kill bacteria.

This kitchen styling guide was written by BEST Hoods, the UK’s top designer cooker hoods company. Visit their website to learn more about how ventilation hoods are an essential component for a stylish, functional kitchen.

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