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Guest Blogger: How to Host the Perfect Garden Party

 Guest Blogger 1K+, Entry #2574, June 28, 2013

There is something very quintessential about having a garden party, especially during those warmer Summer months. You don’t need an excuse to hold one, it could simply be because the sun is shining and you want to celebrate. Perhaps you do have an excuse; it’s your birthday, you’ve moved to a new home or maybe you’re getting married! Whatever the reason, hosting the perfect garden party can be exciting and daunting all at once. Not sure where to get started? Here are a few pointers to help make the most out of your event!

garden party flowers idea

Garden party flowers idea

Image via: Style by Belle

Food and drink

If you’re planning an early evening, or even an all day garden party, then you’re going to need to think about feeding your guests. If the weather is particularly nice then one of the best options is going to be a barbecue. You don’t need to fork out for an expensive BBQ set, as there are plenty of disposable ones available in supermarkets. Simply light them up, cook your food and throw them away when you’re done.

It’s customary for guests to bring food to a BBQ, so you don’t need to worry about buying hundreds of sausages and a whole barrel of potato salad. If you want to organise it so that everyone brings something different then add a note on the invite asking them politely to bring a certain dish. It could be some burgers, a pack of sausages or salad. Just don’t ask them to bring the whole lot!

When it comes to drinks, make sure you have a good selection available for adults and children. Squash and juice for those who would prefer not to drink (or who are too young!) and beer, wine and even some spirits for those who do want to. Pimms is a great Summer drink and always goes down well at a garden party. Make sure you invest in some plastic cups and plates, so that those who have a had a bit too much don’t end up breaking glass and crockery!

garden party for the girls

Plan a party that your guests will love

Image via: Pinterest

Making the most of the space

You don’t need to have a huge garden to hold an outdoor party, although you need to make sure everyone has space to move! Be prepared for some guests to loiter inside, especially the kitchen, if there’s not enough room outside. You are going to need some seating for guests to make use of, but don’t rush out and buy hundreds of chairs. Some events companies will loan you chairs and tables for the party, which will be cheaper than rushing out to buy a whole new garden set.

If you have a limited budget then make use of all the furniture you can from within the home. As long as the weather is nice, you can bring dining room furniture outside and even camping chairs, stools and tables. Dot them around the garden and let people move them around to form little groups, for a friendly and social atmosphere.

garden party lighting

Garden party lighting to party through the night

Image via: Stylizmo

Partying through the night

If you’re planning on partying throughout the evening, then make sure you’re prepared for it. As it gets darker people will try to move inside, unless there are some lights to brighten up the garden. You can use solar powered fairy lights, that charge through the day and come on automatically, for that pretty garden party feel. Get creative and place them in bushes, trees and around garden tables so that outside lights up!

You’ll find some really beautiful solar fairy lights that even look like little flowers, which will help add to that garden party atmosphere. Remember, if you are going to carry on through the evening to let the neighbours know, or you may start getting some knocks on the door. In fact, if you invite the neighbours then there will be nobody to complain!

Karen loves to entertain and her legendary garden parties are either loved or hated if you are a neighbour. Although those neighbours wouldn’t beleive it, Karen believes in making as little impact on her surroundings as possible that’s why she sells eco-friendly garden party lighting at

For more outdoor activities for you and your family click here.

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