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Guest Blogger: How to Paint Your Wooden Deck this Summer

Guest Blogger #990, Entry #2539, June 19, 2013

Summer is finally here, which calls for outdoor parties and gatherings aplenty. You may be ready to indulge in the fun, but is your deck? Having to constantly face off with Mother Nature, your deck has seen some harsh times, naturally causing it to fade. So before you start planning that quaint, outdoor barbeque or summer extravaganza, your deck may be due for a little rehab.

painted deck ideas

Tips for painting your wood deck

Image via: Texas Construction Company

Here are some tips to prep and re-paint your deck before your next outdoor gathering:

Watch the Weather Report:

Before anything, make sure the weather is cooperating. If rain is imminent within the next two days, do not begin your work. Also, working in extreme heat conditions may cause heat blisters to appear within the applied paint itself.

Clean your Deck:

Next, a thorough, top-to-bottom cleaning process is mandatory. This calls for any combination of scrubbing, sanding, scraping, or pressure washing, as any loose or peeling paint is unwanted. If mildew has built up, scrubbing with detergent may be your best bet. Also, it is imperative that any loose nails and small holes due to rotting are taken care of. Simply replace the nails and fill in the holes with an epoxy or caulk.

painted summer deck ideas

Paint your summer deck this summer

Image via: Elemental Design


Utilizing some form of plastic sheeting will be necessary to not get paint in any unwanted areas – for example, the siding of your house. Also, paint may begin to drip after the initial painting, so if you store anything under your deck, make sure it’s covered.


Now that your deck has been properly prepped, it is time to paint. A paint sprayer will do the trick, as you will be working with large surface areas. Spray a light coat, and always ensure that you are spraying in the direction that the boards are situated. Rinse and repeat if another coat is desired.

painted deck different colors

Consider painting your deck in a variety of colors

Image via: Paxton Gate

After a few days, your newly painted deck should be looking as beautiful as ever. If you’d rather leave this in the hands of the professionals, contact Bath Painters at 330-896-7744.

For more home painting ideas on Stagetecture, click here.

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