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Guest Blogger: The Other Room – Creating an Oasis in a Garden Shed

Guest Blogger #999, Entry #2566, June 26, 2013

With up to 65 per cent of all Britons now owning a garden shed there are bound to be many different uses for the space, from a quiet place to be creative and write or work on art, to a more of an area to seek solace from the hustle and bustle of the household. It is not just normal people that have a love affair with sheds, a number of celebrities over the years have stated their preference to have one at the end of their garden.

Some of the ways in which they use their sheds could differ greatly to yours or mine and they may give us some great tips on how to utilise our space a little bit better. I prefer to have plenty of mod cons in my shed, while others might want some space to do some exercising – at the end of the day it is all about personal choice.

garden shed ideas

Personalize your own shed

Image via: Avant Garden

Make your own personal area to be creative

Creativity can come in many different forms, where some people might be of an artistic persuasion – I do not fall into that category – or others might consider themselves wordsmiths of sorts. Whatever medium it is that you excel at, more often than not you need a place of Zen to create your best works. For instance, beloved children’s novelist Roald Dahl wrote most of his books in his shed that he called a “writing hut”. He even went to such lengths as to tell his children and grandchildren that there were wolves living there keep them out.

Celebrated novelist Philip Pullman famously used to write his books in a grubby and cobweb-filled shed in his garden in Oxford and even refused to clean it for fear of disrupting the flow of his writing. Upon moving into a different house, he left his shed to illustrator Ted Dewan under the instructions that it must only be used for creative work.

Artist Barbara Hepworth used to keep a small garden shed outside of her home in Cornwall and it is now known as the Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden – showing that they really can be used for anything.

outdoor garden shed ideas

Outdoor garden shed ideas

Image via: Landscape East West

A garden shed can provide security for some people

A shed is somewhere that you can get away from it all and just live in your little bubble for a while. I like to use mine as a reading spot so that I can immerse myself in the book and its characters, while others might feel safety in theirs.

Indeed, this is something that Bill Oddie has described before, stating that his shed is one of the only places he feels safe. The shed was there when he moved into the home and while very dilapidated, he has turned it into his own little oasis. You can do the same by buying your own shed for the garden and Waltons has a wide range of them available.

personalizing outdoor garden shed

Create an outdoor sanctuary with the addition of an outdoor shed

Image via: Gardens by Gabriel

Add value to your property

Another, less obvious, reason for buying a shed for the garden is because it will immediately add value to your property. Property supremo Sarah Beeny describes herself as a “shed groupie” and claims that with square footage costing so much to people, a shed is a great way of adding space to your home, without cluttering it.

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