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How to Decorate with Color in your Tiny Apartment Patio

Entry #2534, June 18, 2013

Living in an apartment can be quite challenging. One of the challenges that you can encounter is the availability of space, especially in your outdoor patio area. While there are apartments that offer wide floor area but the majority of the units are just enough for basic furnishings. But this will never prevent you from having a well-designed apartment.

Let’s start from your apartment’s patio. Well, you can’t expect this area to be spacious. But this can still be a functional and relaxing patio that you wanted. You just have to maximize the space and learn from the experts.

small city apartment patio

Decorate your small city apartment patio with color

Image via: Deco Dice

If you want to know how to decorate your tiny apartment patio, here are some helpful ideas:

Maximize every corner

Using every corner of your patio will definitely help. For instance, choose any L-shape bench that will cover 2 sides of the patio. You can have them customized with your favorite furniture shop for proper fitting. As for your table, prefer smaller ones that can accommodate your coffee or any drinks. Don’t forget to place rugs at the bottom to add accent on the floor area.

urban apartment balcony

Make your apartment balcony the most inviting ever!

Image via: Pinterest

Think outside of the box

This idea simply means you go out of the ordinary. You can actually save space when you forgo traditional table. Try a small side table that can be used as a chair when needed. It’s small but terrible, indeed! Also try the relaxing lounge chairs instead of the traditional patio chairs you know.

small apartment living patio

Think out of the box when decorating your small apartment

Image via: House and Home

Make use of the balcony ledge

You can free up some space if you make use of your balcony ledge. The patio ledge can be utilized as your plants’ rack rather than using the floor area. This should give you a decent amount of space. The empty space vacated by the flower pots can be used for a comfortable bench.

These are just some of the best ideas on how to decorate your tiny apartment patio. Feel free to implement any of these ideas to enhance your small patio space.

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