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How to Save Money on Summer Travel this Season

 Entry #2494, June 5, 2013

Summer is the time when we start daydreaming at work about hitting the hottest beach spots or traveling to the national parks for a thrilling vacation. However, as we wake up, we realize that we need to start saving up for that summer vacation to happen. Even though it is a great way to spend quality time with our loved ones, the reality is, summer vacation can lead to a financial drain, if unplanned. So, we point you these easy cost cutting methods to get the most out of your next trip.

To save the maximum, be flexible about every aspect of your trip.

To save the maximum, be flexible about every aspect of your trip.

Image via: Danielle D

Be flexible when planning summer vacation

Being flexible with your travel plans is the best way to save money during summer trips. Due to the cutthroat competition, many travel companies offer discounted last minute deals. You never know who is going to come up with the next awesome deal, so keep your alerts activated. Moreover, being spontaneous about your travel dates and destinations can be really exciting.

Package deals are always available

Going for package deals is a smart way to beat skyrocketing airfares. Online travel portals can help you find discounted deals if you book your hotel and flight together. That’s because they lock airfares well in advance, so they can easily offer lower prices.

Do your research on exchange rates

summer travel tips

Summer travel tips

Image via: Flickr

Bagging a good deal on airfares and accommodation is just half the battle, you will also spend on food, shopping, and, entertainment while travelling. If you end up getting higher exchange rates, your summer vacation can turn up to be a serious investment. So, when planning your trip do take the currency difference into consideration. Always try to exchange cash at your bank as they offer wholesale rates and avoid using airport exchange counters or withdrawing cash with your credit cards.

Pack light

If you are unable to bag a good deal or being flexible is not an option, at least you can avoid the hefty baggage fees. When booking for air tickets, choose your airlines wisely. There are few airlines like Southwest that offers two free checked bags, whereas, some offer one or none. The prices for checked bags vary from $25 to $100. So, pack light or consider shipping your luggage if you must carry overweight or oversized bags.

summer travel ideas for packing

Use these tips to pack light when saving money

Image via: Domestic Reflections

While planning ahead of time is always a great way to save money especially when travelling during the summer season, these tips will help you take a relaxing vacation without overburdening your wallet.

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