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Olioboard Inspiration – Entertaining Guests in your Summer Kitchen

Entry #2546, June 21, 2013

Today we continue Stagetecture’s feature ‘Olioboard Inspiration‘. Last week you enjoyed – ‘ThePerfect Campout for Father’s Day’ from Tonya Stone Philips and this week I bring you Xiomara Zayas with a outdoor Summer kitchen anyone would enjoy! She’s a member of the Facebook Olioboard Fan Room and I asked her to recreate an outdoor entertaining space that would be perfect for the weekends and makes you want to lounge by the pool and sip some lemonade.

If you’re interested in being featured see details here: How to be featured on Stagetecture’s Olioboard Inspiration‘ series.

Olioboard Inspiration #21

‘Entertaining Guests in your Summer Kitchen’ –  Xiomara Zayas

Olioboard Stagetecture Summer Kitchen

Olioboard Stagetecture Summer Kitchen

Spending time with family and friends in a perfect place “Your own backyard” for the summer, with the freshness of the environment and cooking your favorite dishes in the grill, it’s priceless. Wouldn’t it be amazing to create this perfect place no matter how simple or elaborate, small or big, an outdoor kitchen that you want and compliments your lifestyle.

Creating the perfect summer backyard

Every outdoor living space is unique; simply start by analyzing the size of your patio, porch or deck before beginning the design process, and always remembering that safety comes first, especially if there are kids. You want your design and materials to meet the safety criteria. They should be long lasting like stainless steel, natural stone, ceramic, bricks, concrete, and other materials that are specialized for outdoor living areas such as “polymer outdoor cabinets”.

You want to provide an energetic atmosphere, cozy, beautiful and relaxing, a perfect grill, small refrigerator, sink and some storage to keep the necessary items to avoid the traffic in an out of the house. You have many choices of fabulous furniture permanents and waterproof. Keep in mind you can create it yourself and make it unique. I personally love to use those favorite pieces of furniture and items that I can easily relocate.

Summer Colors

Colors of an open air space “Mother Nature” There’s nothing more beautiful than to enjoy and be delighted in the colors that the Master of design created for us, you can continue with the “natural color scheme” or simply add accent that inspires you by adding decorative accessories. Enhancing your backyard by creating your outdoor kitchen to enjoy and have fun with your loved ones, that’s all that matters. Happy summer!!!!

My name is Xiomara Zayas, I’m currently pursuing an interior design degree, in love with life, and my passion and mayor inspiration is the beauty of nature. I discovered olio board by “accident” when I was subscribing to a magazine. I create boards in my spare time and that’s more than fun to me. Follow me on Olioboard, and on Facebook.

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