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Saving Water In Your Summer LandscapingThis Season

Entry #2523, June 14, 2013


The summer season provides a vibrant environment to your home exterior. If you have a home garden or lawn, it will clearly shine and look brilliant. But it doesn’t come without asking anything in return. The beauty of your yard depends on the sufficiency of water available for your plants. This summer learn how to conserve water and keep your plants looking fresh.

It’s not only your garden that needs water in your yard to maintain its vibrancy. You also have the lawn, your pool and anything that requires water. Indeed, the water consumption during summer time increases drastically. But water isn’t infinite and not for free. This is why essential measures to conserve water should be observed.

green roof living

Consider a green roof for your home

Image via: McClellan Architects

Make use of your roof in beneficial ways:

Here are helpful and effective ideas on saving water in your summer yard this season:

This simply means to take advantage of the rain during summer season. It may not be as often, but then your roof can store a decent amount of water when it rains. You can use pipes as a hose to go directly into a drum or water tank. Also, water flowing from your gutter can be redirected to your landscape using a chain of rope.

Prefer potted plant containers

When you use containers for plants, watering them will be very easy and economical. You can simply use a water can more effectively into the pot than in a plain. More importantly, using potted containers to add up beauty and style to your backyard garden or landscape.

potted plants

Potted plants help conserve water and are versatile in adding color anywhere!

Image via: Design Sponge

Choose the right plants

Not all plants can sustain all types of season. A lot of plants have its best season to grow and can sustain themselves even at the peak of the season. For the summer season, plants like Osteospermum, Roses, Coleus, Sunflower and Blue Mist are perfect for the summer heat.

Saving water in your summer yard this season will definitely help our environment. You might say that you only contribute a little amount of help but there’s nothing too little when it comes to environmental concerns. Remember, water is life!

For more green living ideas on Stagetecture, click here.

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