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Unique DIY Decor Ideas to Repurpose that Old Ladder

 Entry #2552, June 22, 2013


Do you want to throw your old ladder away? Well, think again. You may not know what you’re about to lose. There are great things that you can make out of it – many DIY projects just awaiting to be made! Your old ladder can be repurpose into a decorative and functional item at home. These ladder ideas can certainly make an accent in your home interior or exterior. Isn’t that exciting?

The beauty of repurposing an old ladder is that you don’t have to do a lot with your ladder. It can stay as it is – painting is not even required. You just need your old ladder, as it is, and a couple of accessories.

diy ladder shoe rack idea

Turn your ladder into a useful piece of furniture – shoe rack idea

Image via: Eenig Wonan

So, check out these unique decor ideas to repurpose that old ladder and see how it can work like magic:

Shoe Rack Ladder

You spent a lot in buying shoes and yet you just keep it in storage when not in use. Why not showcase them? With a ladder shoe rack, you can make your shoes as decorative items at home. Strap on your shoes on each step of the ladder all the way to the top. This idea will also save you time looking for your shoes in a bunch of storage.

ladder lighting fixture

Ladder lighting fixture

Image via: Pinterest

Ladder Lighting Fixture

This is perfect for both interior and exterior decorations. Use your ladder as a holder for your lighting fixtures like chandelier, lanterns and anything you can hang. It creates a perfect rustic look to your design. Make sure to use ropes so you can intensify its artistic design. This is perfect for your patio, garage or even in the living room.

bookshelf ladder

Bookshelf ladder

Image via: Eenig Wonan

Bookshelf Ladder

If you want to have an express bookshelf at home, your old ladder can do it for you. This is one of the simplest and quickest project for your old ladder. It’s a functional and attractive addition to your wall design. Attach your old ladder on the wall and pile in your book.

So, you still want to throw your old ladder? Sure not! These are just three of the many wonders that your old ladder can make. What are you waiting for? Get hold of your old ladder and take it to the next level!

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