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3 Japanese-Inspired Cuisine Dishes to Try Tonight

Entry #2623, July 6, 2013

Japanese cuisine has historically included rice as a staple with fish and vegetables as side dishes. Historically, the Japanese did not consume meat but the process of modernization has led to many meat-based dishes appearing in Japan. For a visitor to Japan, the sensations of taste, sight, and smell can be overwhelming. Not only is Japanese food quite colorful, the flavor is also brilliant according to the seasons. All this presents a breathtaking sight to the visitor in Japan. As any tourist will agree, no visit is complete without trying the local cuisine; the temptation to try any dish you set your eyes on might be overwhelming. No visit to Japan is complete without trying at least one of the following:

Yakisoba Cuisine

Yakisoba recipe idea

Yakisoba recipe idea

Image via: Cavoletto Di Bruxelles

A clever mixture of fried noodles, stirred together with vegetables and sauce. Cooking Yakisoba is best over a grill and served hot. You will find many outdoor vendors that sell Yakisoba served fresh from the skillet. Noodles have long been a part of Japanese cuisine so this meal is one you should not miss, especially if you seek historic flavor.

Yakiniku Cuisines

Yakiniku Japanese cuisine

Yakiniku Japanese cuisine

Image via: Pinterest

For those who love grilled meat, Yakiniku is the cuisine for you. Before serving, the meat must soak in a Japanese Barbecue sauce that is very appetizing and tempting. Served raw, you cook the meat pieces by yourself over a small grill at your table and enjoy them together with a side dish of your choice.

Takoyaki Cuisine

Takoyaki Japanese Cuisine

Takoyaki Japanese Cuisine

Image via: Tumblr

Takoyaki are deep-fried octopus balls served in sauce. This round delicacy tastes remarkable with various fillings such as rice and shrimp pieces. A perfect serve of Takoyaki in Japan is always available during festivals, but you can find plenty of restaurants that will cook and serve this specialty. They are deceptively small and quite filling.

Japanese cuisine has definitely evolved from the days of pickled rice with vegetables to the current sensational cuisine that is becoming more and more popular in various parts of the world as evidenced by the success of Japanese restaurants abroad. The beauty of Japanese cuisine lies in the fact that there is always a dish for everyone to suit personal preferences. Whether you are a vegetarian or like meat, there is a tasty Japanese meal for you. Go out and dare to try.

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