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Creating a Gorgeous Outdoor Home with Summer Curb Appeal

 Entry #2610, July 2, 2013

If your outdoor home is needing curb appeal this summer, look no further for ideas to bring color to your exterior home. From architectural elements to landscaping, lighting fixtures, and more, here are tips to create curb appeal that beckons for guests to come inside.

Curb appeal ideas.

Curb appeal ideas.

Image via: BHG

Painting & Lighting Fixtures

The easiest way to upgrade the look of your home is to either apply a fresh coat of paint or update your home’s color scheme. Complement the painting with exterior lighting fixtures. Use lantern-style scones on the both sides of your front door. This symmetrical composition will add to the door accents besides providing safety to the visitors.

Make the Entrance Inviting

The entrance of your house is the focal point of the curb appeal. Place larger-scale potted plants to give the shape of a well-poised entrance. Create a nice balance with a wooden gate and a flower-laden iron arbor in front of it. You can also use flowering vine on your patio’s entryway to create a warm and inviting entrance.

Make a Statement

Dress up your front door with a blast of color or install a custom wood door. A colorful wooden door with metal knob and metal polish on the door’s fixtures will strike a nice balance. The same effect can be achieved by hanging a mailbox outside of the entry gate. Color it in bright yellow or orange to catch the visitors’ eye.

Make a statement with a bright front door.

Make a statement with a bright front door.

Image via: BHG

Wooden Deck

If you are willing to spend a good amount of money to add curb appeal, think of installing a wooden deck with stairs in front of your patio. It will span the front of your house and expand the outdoor living space. Paint the deck, stairs, and their rails with the same color used in your home’s exterior. Create flowerbeds on the both sides of the stairs or place potted flower plants on each side of the steps. The lush foliage will create a soft look while the whole structure will add drama and privacy to the entrance.

Window Treatments

Add a new dimension of color and style to your home by adding shutters to the windows. The shutters should be decorative as well as functional so that they can offer the privacy, functionality, and style you are looking for. For privacy issue, raised-panel shutters are ideal for first floor while louvered shutters can be used on second-floor and upwards as they allow heat to escape. You can make the windows more dramatic by placing colorful flowers in the window boxes. Choose the flowers in a hue that complements the shade of your home.

Add dramatic appeal to the windows by placing flower plants in the window boxes.

Add dramatic appeal to the windows by placing flower plants in the window boxes.

Image via: Country Living

These changes will definitely add to the curb appeal of your home. They will make onlookers to stop and admire your home from street, invite visitors, and attract potential buyers.

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