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DIY Idea: How to Grow Summer Garden Window Boxes

Entry #2664, July 19, 2013

Gardening is a great way to enjoy healthful and fresh produce like flowers, vegetables, or just greenery. However, not everyone has the benefit of a yard or a plantable land to start a garden. In case of limited space or limited sun, window box garden can be a way to enjoy some greenery.

The size and placement of the containers are important.

The size and placement of the containers are important.

Image via: HGTV

Select Right Window Boxes

Box garden will let you to maximize small spaces in balcony or windowsill and turn bare soil into lush greenery. Window boxes are generally made of usual materials like iron, cement, wood, plastic, tin, copper, wire, fiberglass, stone, terra cotta, etc. Avoid metal and dark-colored boxes if your windows have sunlight all day because they can burn the roots of plants by getting heated up. Plastic window boxes are growing in popularity because they retain moisture. They are also cheaper and lighter even after they are planted. As terra cotta boxes tend to absorb water, supply enough water for your plants.

Choose a flower planter size right for you

With slight differences, the length of the boxes should be within a couple of inches of the window size. Plants need enough soil and room to grow properly. So, the boxes should be 8 inches wide in the top and root area to provide plants enough room. If you have any oddly sized windows, you can make customized boxes by using boards, brass screws, and waterproof glue.

apart from traditional boxes, whimsical pots can be an interesting addition to your garden.

apart from traditional boxes, whimsical pots can be an interesting addition to your garden.

Image via: Sashe

The Placement of Boxes

A sunny exposure will always be pleasing for most plants. However, you need not to worry if your windows are in shade. Many plants are there that grow in partial or full shade. In case of complete exposure to sun, you have to water the plants frequently. Some window boxes are rain protected. In that case, you need to check your plants often to see if they are getting dry.

Choosing the Right Plants

Picking the right plants does really matter in any kind of gardening. Choosing plants that contrast to their background can create a dramatic effect. For example, white flower plants against dark brick walls or bright orchids on the background of a light siding will look very nice. Annual flower plants and long-lasting vegetables for window box culture will give you less hazardous times. Green onions, petunias, sweet asylum, ivy geranium, English ivy, dwarf bulbs, lobelia, etc. will be perfect for your window box garden.

Some plants grow well in shade.

Image via: Houzz

Window box garden is a great option if you do not have resources to take care for a big garden. It is also a great way to involve kids to the fun of growing and harvesting their own food or increasing their love for green environment.

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