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DIY Sat. #155 Quick & Easy Bathroom Makeovers (Video)

Entry #2621, July 6, 2013


Happy DIY Saturday! If you have been looking at your bathroom and thinking it needs a makeover, why not start with simple ideas that are quick and easy? Today’s DIY Saturday is all about helping you get your bathroom freshened with easy color, pain

bathroom makeover ideas

bathroom makeover ideas

Image via: ElMueble

5 Quick Bathroom Makeover Ideas Video:

Link to Video: –> Quick Bathroom Makeover Ideas 


Quick & Easy Bathroom Makeovers

Summertime is all about bright colors, warm sunshine, time outdoors and new life. New flowers freshly planted and blooming on our porches, new batches of green leaves on our trees, and new gardens full of vibrant vegetables is what summer is all about.  New, fresh, bright colors fill our lives everyday. Why not bring some of that newness and summer vibrance into our homes! It’s easier than you think, and the bathroom is the perfect place to start. Below you will find several ways to freshen up your drab bathrooms and breathe new life into old style.

bathroom makeover tips

Bathroom makeover tips

Image via: Pinterest

Bathroom Painting Ideas 

Paint. Simply put. Paint the wall. In most homes the bathroom is typically one of the smallest rooms in the home. So it’s an easy place to change interior color schemes because it shouldn’t take too terribly long to paint. Nothing brings new life to a room like a fresh coat of paint. Plus, since a bathroom is quite easy to redesign simply due to its size, go dramatic! Leave your comfort zone and tape off those black and white stripes that you’ve been itching to try.  Accent the space with pops of pink, red, or even yellow and you’ve got yourself a fresh, fun and brand new bathroom! If you’re tentative about vibrant colors, choose the smallest bathroom in your home and start there.

Freshen up your bathroom with a new coat of paint!

Freshen up your bathroom with a new coat of paint!

Accessorize your Bathroom

It doesn’t get any easier to breathe new life into a space than changing out the room’s accessories. In a bathroom especially hand towels, wall art, mirrors, and countertop décor such as soap dispensers can easily be switched. In fact, it’s so easy to change out bathroom accessories that you can do it each season! If your bathroom is a neutral color say, beige or white, the sky is the limit when it comes to color schemes. Add reds hand towels, orange wash cloths and a chocolate colored vase full of yellow mums in the fall.  In the winter use navy hand towels with baby blue wash cloths and silver décor on the countertop. Springtime can bring lavenders and deep violets and summertime can bring pastels like pink, green and yellow.

Add pops of color in the form of countertop décor.

Add pops of color in the form of countertop décor.

Image via: Pinterest

Get Organized

Sometimes all it takes to make a space feel new and fresh is to simply organize it! Out with the old and in with the new. If you love your bathroom already, and don’t want to mess with paint or new accessories, give it a good scrub and toss out anything you may not need or want any longer. Organize the shelves and cupboards. Rearrange existing décor items you already have. Sometimes simply moving these already existing items into new homes gives the space an entirely new look and feel.

Rearrange and re-organize existing décor items!

Rearrange and re-organize existing décor items!

 Image Via: Pinterest

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