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DIY Sat. #156 Budget Bedroom Makeover Ideas (Video)

 Entry #2648, July 13, 2013

Happy DIY Saturday! Are you tired of your bedroom or need to give it a makeover? Today on DIY Saturday I show you ways to update your bedrooms on a budget! Watch a video on how to transform your guest bedroom and then get ideas for budget friendly bedroom trends.

bedroom contemporary

How can you transform your bedroom?

Image via: Fiorella Design

Video: Affordable guest bedroom makeover

Video link to –> Affordable guest bedroom makeover

Are you looking for new bedroom furniture?  Then the good news is that current bedroom fashions just happen to favor your wallet.  As recently as five years ago, buying a complete bedroom set was the expected route.  Those basic pieces cost a small fortune when purchased all at once, especially if they were made from solid wood.  Not a budget-friendly style!  While there are plenty of great bedroom sets available, the current trend allows more wiggle room for those of us who like to be a little different…and a lot more affordable.

Mix It Up

Bedrooms are becoming more eclectic to coordinate the rest of the modern home.  That means no more matching!  Start with an item that you absolutely love: a bed, dresser, or even a rug or piece of art.  Then begin searching for pieces that have at least one of three matching design elements: color, texture, or shape (style).  That way your room will always look elegantly eclectic instead of just jumbled.  Write down the measurements of your bedroom and keep them with you in case you stumble upon the perfect piece.

Eclectic Bedroom

Mix-and-Match Bedroom Furniture

Image via Elle Decor

Embrace the Past

The best place to score unique pieces is anywhere secondhand.  Thanks to design buzzwords like “shabby chic,” “restoration,” and “vintage,” recycled pieces are high on style and low on cost.  When it comes to bedroom furniture, you can find large, wood chests and dressers at a fraction of the price, and tweak it to work in your bedroom with a little DIY.  Keep an eye out for popular items like wrought iron bed frames, armoires, and cute accessories.

Eclectic Decor

Eclectic Decor

Image via indulgy

Make It Yours

Just because flea-market style isn’t your taste doesn’t mean you can’t use mismatched pieces to reflect your style.  Prefer a more masculine look?  Use recycled crates for nightstands and wire baskets for storage.  If you love contemporary design, use open metal shelving and brightly colored décor.  If you’re still unsure of mix-and-match pieces, pick up matching hardware for all of your fixtures and drawer pulls to create a sense of harmony between pieces.  Finally, bring the design of the room together with curtains, bedding, and accessories that share a color scheme and voilà!  You’ve captured the eclectic trend in your bedroom without emptying your wallet.

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