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DIY Sat. #157 – How to Train Climbing Plants (Video)

Entry #2666, July 20, 2013

Enhancing the looks of your walls isn’t always done through repainting or hanging decorative items. You can makeover your walls naturally and your outdoor home is a great place to start.  This is done by growing evergreen plants to your walls. With evergreen plants, you can be sure that your walls will look attractive in a natural way.

But growing evergreen plant to crawl on your walls  isn’t done overnight. It involves proper procedure and training of this type of plant to dwell against your walls. You have to spend time and dedication to make sure that your evergreen plants will grow healthy and grassy.

climbing plants idea

Train your plants to climb walls

Image via: Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape

Video: How to Train Climbing Plants

Link to Video –> Training Climbing Plants

Check out these effective tips on training evergreen plants to grow against walls:

How to Train Plants to Climb Walls

  • Make a frame over your wall area that you want the evergreen plant to cover. This can be done by placing equally spaced nails on your wall area. It is very important to use hot-dipped galvanized nails to prevent rust developing on your walls.
  • To make sure that the evergreen plants are stuck in your preferred area, knit thin galvanized-steel wires and linking each nail one after the other.
climbing plants window frame

Climbing plants around a window frame idea

Image via: Goessling Design

  • Monitor the plant’s growth. When you see a stretch of branches growing, strap it up gently with a piece of string to the galvanized-steel wires. This will serve as guiding force to the evergreen plants to grow according to plan. There’s no way that the branches can just grow anywhere. This process will keep the branches under control and influence their growth direction.
  • Prune the branches on a regular basis or as it is necessary. For best results, take advantage of the spring and winter seasons. These seasons stimulate growth of the evergreen plants. For plants with flowers or berries, midsummer is the best pruning season.
climbing plants fence

Climbing plants idea for a fence or trellis

Image via: Westover Landscape Design, Inc.

These are just some of the helpful tips on training evergreen plants to perfectly grow against walls. It may take some of your time and efforts but when you see the result, everything will be all worth it!

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