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Fun Activities For Your Kids On Car Trips This Summer

Entry #2657, July 16, 2013

For many families, the word “summer” is synonymous with the word “vacation”. It is a great time to plan for a road trip with your whole family. There are different places that you may want to visit as you enjoy the bright, sunny days. These may include different tourist attractions or even a road trip to the beach. As you plan to travel this summer, the activities below will help make the road trip great for your kids.

family road trip

What will keep your kids busy on a road trip?

Image via: Pot Luck Dream

The Alphabet Game

Tried and true, you can never go wrong with the alphabet game, especially if you have little children aged between 4 and 7 years old.

The gameplay is simple, as long as they already know the sequence of letters in the alphabet, they need to look out for things that start with different letters. For example, “alley, bridge and cat” can represent the first three letters of the alphabet. You may need to print off the alphabet to help the youngest ones to stay on track.

License Plate Game

Different countries have different versions of this game. Here in the States, it involves trying to find license plates from each state. When a player spots a plate that is particularly rare, other players get higher points when they spot another one that matches this rare one.

Those who yell out the wrong state or call out a plate that has already been named have to either punch themselves in the face or even pull out a grain of hair from the head. One interesting thing about this game is that there is already an app for it!

Animal Count

Kids love the animal count game. As the name suggests, they simply need to count the number of animals spotted along the journey. A certain milestone is set that determines the winner. The first to reach this milestone wins. This is a game that can last for a long time and keep the kids engaged as they travel through the bright, shining summer roads.

kids car ideas vacation

What activities can your kids do in the car?

Image via: Tip Junkie

As your kids enjoy the warm weather, a fun trip is one of the best things that they can remember the holidays with. The fun does not have to begin at the destination; if you engage your kids with the fun activities above; their fun will begin as soon as the journey starts.

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