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How to Make the Most of your Small Guest Bathroom

 Entry #2658, July 16, 2013

Small bathrooms are often neglected when it comes to interior design.  Too small for furniture or much effort, it’s easy to ignore them altogether.  In reality, there’s no reason to carefully decorate a guest room (or a master), only to leave a design “black hole” in the bathroom!  Small bathrooms are inexpensive to decorate and truly put the finishing touch on your home.

Focus In

With such limited space, having a laser-focused theme is key.  A few minutes of writing down your ideas is worth the time, money, and final result.  Consider what will stay or change: will you swap fixtures or leave them?  Can you easily update hardware like switch plates and drawer pulls?  Will you paint the walls or cabinets?  All of these options are small, affordable adjustments that will keep your bathroom from looking like a forgotten footnote in your home.

guest bathroom ideas

Create an inviting guest bathroom for your guests

Image via: Your Space Our Design 

Clean and Fresh

When planning your theme, a clean, fresh look will make or break your guest bathroom.  In a small room, choose a light, non-saturated color for the walls so they aren’t overwhelming or cramped.  If bright color or pattern is part of your design, use them in hand towels, framed art, or a shower curtain for color that is used in proportion to the size of the bathroom.  Know what items you’ll keep handy (sets of extra towels, toiletries, etc) so you can plan a place for everything.  Fresh white paint, clear shelves mounted on the walls to maximize vertical space, and just a little bit of color will bring life and light to even the tiniest of guest bathrooms.

guest bathroom interiors

Have a plan when designing your guest bathroom

 Image via: O Interior Design

Plan your design for the guest bathroom

Having a plan will come in handy when you look for all the items you need.  Stick to your design or you may find yourself trying to add too much to a small space.  Focus on adding items only if they are useful, like a soap dish, towel bar, or jewelry box and make each one stylish.  The only non-functional piece in a small bathroom should be wall art: a single picture or small grouping that really captures your style.  Stick to your plan, keep it light and simple, and you’ll have a guest bathroom that you’re proud to show off!

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