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-Ronique Gibson, Assoc. AIA, LEED AP

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Guest Blogger: 3 Essential Tips to Find the Perfect Office Chair

Guest Blogger 1K+, Entry #2626, July 8, 2013

Your workspace and home office is a huge part of the working process, so there are really no excuses to not setting it up properly and making sure it’s designed to fit your personal needs.

And a huge part of that is your desk – if you fail to pick it correctly it can hinder your work efficiency by making you uncomfortable, not having enough space or not having the right design and functionality to fit your work requirements.

home office chair colorful

What type of home office chair is for you?

Image via: Benjamin Moore

Also, your local seller might simply not have a desk that fits your needs, so it’s a good idea to go and find the desk shopping online – internet offers a great variety of sellers and you can certainly find exactly what you want for a better price.

That’s why you should consider your needs carefully and only then decide what you need – here are a couple of things you should think about before buying.

Desk Purpose

When determining what kind of desk to get, simply think about what kind of work will you be doing with it – for work with a PC, make sure it has a compartment to hold it underneath, also an opening separate surface for the keyboard can also come in handy.

If you need it mostly for paperwork, consider buying a bigger desk to fit all the forms, papers, spreadsheets and books it will need to have room for when working.

A great solution if you want a bigger desk it the L-shaped desks – these can be used for work with a PC and paperwork, and it doesn’t take up too much space because it goes across the wall in the corner, thus being ideal for a home desk in a living room or bedroom.

Also, think about your work habits – are you a messy type, or do you like things neat? If you like to just have everything in a bunch, perhaps a bigger surface is required, but if you’re neat and organized, you might get by with a smaller one.

home office chair view

Choose a chair that is ergonomic and conforms to your body

Image via: Forma Design

Ergonomic Factors

Perhaps the most important things to consider are the ergonomic and comfort factors – if a desk is uncomfortable, makes you tired, it can not only make it harder to work, but can have negative effects on your posture and general health.

Make sure there’s ample space for your legs and plan ahead where you’ll place the desk to make sure you have sufficient space to comfortably sit – never conserve space at expense of your comfort.

If you’re using a computer, another important factor to consider is the height of where the keyboard will be.  Also, see that your hands are in a comfortable, resting position – if needed, go as far as getting an ergonomic keyboard to assure that you don’t stress your hands and wrists.

Desk Surface and Quality

Consider how much wear your desk will have to withstand on a regular basis – a laminated desk top is always a good idea, because it is much better at handling all kinds of surface damage. If you want an unbreakable desk, you might even consider buying one made of metal or steel– it’s not for everyone, but you can be sure it will serve you for a very long time.

If the desk won’t be subjected to too much wear, a wooden desk is always a classic choice and has an unmatched professional look.

Also, make sure the desk is well built and reliable – check the drawers to see if they’re strong and are solid. They should roll out as much as possible, to make the use of their space easier.

home office chair ideas

Consider your desk when choosing a desk chair

Image via: Horchow

Choosing a desk might seem simple, but you have to think it through before making a purchase – a wrong work desk can make your jog much harder than in needs to be.

A workplace can say a lot about a person, so don’t take buying your work desk lightly – it can literally be the difference maker in your path to reaching your goals.

Michelle Forsyth is a self-employed writer and blogger with a BA from Melbourne University. When Michelle is not writing or blogging she spends time with her two kids and spends time online shopping for the best deals. Michelle currently boasts about the great service at and is her current favorite online shopping site.

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  2. Mr John Bresnahan

    A comfortable office chair plays an important part in workplace. One must choose the chair that can fit his/her personal needs. The tips mentioned by you will help people in finding the comfortable chair for them.

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